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Mint & Blue combo

Blazer - Bershka | Top - Lefties | Necklace - Lefties Estava reticente quanto à cor menta, I must say. Contudo, quando vi esta camisa, comprei-a sem hesitações. E hoje comprei um verniz semelhante a este tom. Mais uma rendida!

Hello World.

Hi, I'm Danny and for a long time now I had an idea for a blog, one of my own. But since I'm a bit of a shy person, sort of speak, was a bit hesitant at first. But I do love to share things I think deserve to be shown. Question is, I follow an infinitely large and growing number of blogs, as part of my daily routine and sometimes get the itch to write and have my say about the world. So here it is, this is my little place with a not-too-generic theme but with a very specific focus: Fashion. It's definitely a passion of mine that is blossoming and surely enough still getting my grip about it. Not trying to be a fashionista of any kind, I'm just the girl next door with the will to share ideas, experiences an inspirations and simply getting some feedback from all of you. Think we're going to get along very well indeed! Sou a Daniela, virtualmente Danny. Andava na indecisão de criar um blogue já há uns bons tempos: se por um lado gosto de mostrar coisas que