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Outfit // Cozy Winter Layers

Sweater - Rosegal | Dress - Stradivarius | Coat & Scarf - Primark | Bag - Ecco | Boots - Only2Me This tartan scarf was probably the best buy of this season, wear it almost every day, to protect my face on cold mornings, or during the day at the office to warm my lap (with a cup of tea on the desk, I'm an old lady) - so, a Primark bargain that has more quality than expected. The shiny new boots are from a portuguese footwear brand called Only2Me. Won these in a giveaway, lucky me! Was quite impressed when I received the package: the boots are high quality and came in a fancy box, it was like an early christmas gift.  Este lenço tartan foi a compra da estação, praticamente todos os dias me acompanha, quer seja a proteger-me o rosto nas manhãs frias, quer seja durante o dia no escritório a aquecer-me o colo - uma pechincha da Primark que afinal tem mais qualidade do que o esperado.  As botas, que até brilham de tão novas, são da  Only2Me , uma marca portuguesa de ca

Lifestyle // Happy Christmas to you all!

Dear readers, wish you the best Christmas! I'm about to eat some delicious vegan pies (on my first vegetarian Christmas) and too many sweets. Enjoy your evening!   Gente bonita desse lado, desejo-vos um bom Natal! Eu cá já ando de volta da mesa dos doces enquanto as minhas empadas de cogumelos e vegetais não saem do forno (é o meu primeiro natal vegetariano). Aproveitem que hoje as calorias não contam!

Lifestyle // Christmas Wishlist 2014

Late Christmas wishlist! My wishlists are actually a future shopping list, usually I don't receive gifts but money. Always try to think in items that I actually need instead of random expensive wishes. Well, teacups are not necessarily a needed item, but I can't help it, just love them.  Running Sneakers - Yes, I want some cool and pretty new sneakers to hit the gym, not only 'cause they're so good-looking but also to prevent injuries. Must invest in a good pair. Fitness Watch - When I'm doing exercise, I hate using my mobile so a fitness watch would be great to monitor what I do there. Teacups - Yes, I really like Zara Home teacups. Vegetarian Cookbooks - I'm a vegetarian for about two months, so I'm a newbie who needs inspiration. Books, please! Desk Lamp - My bedroom is lacking a nice lamp on the bedside table. Absolutely love this one! So... very few things, if I don't do the math. Uma wishlist feita mesmo em cima do dia, t

Beauty // "Royal" Rose Balm

This tiny egg-like thing is a powerful beeswax-based balm for the protection and hydration of the lips, face, cuticles and dry and rough areas in the body. It's a product from Oriflame.  Chapped lips are common in cold seasons and this balm can prevent that, it has a pasty texture that acts as a real protective barrier. It's an expensive product (14 euros per 15ml), but promotions are frequent and you can buy it for half price. When I was younger there was only a classic version, but now there are plenty of new flavors: Coconut, Almond, Caramel... Mine is Rose. Pros: It's a versatile product you can apply in several body parts and it's very moisturizing. It's easy to carry, fits in any bag or pocket, and has a super cute packaging. Cons: Disliked the fragrance, it's too strong for me. Also, it brings very little amount of product and it's quite expensive. The application isn't very hygienic, you have to dip your finger on the jar to extract th

Outfit // Blonder and Colder

 Coat, Skirt, Purse & Earrings - Primark | Shirt - Lion of Porches | Boots - Pull & Bear | Watch - Casio Here I am, blonder and chilly. And almost with no rabbit teeth, thanks to my braces. Recently had to adapt myself to a new routine, I'm now on an internship, yay for me! With the new graphic designer work came the alarm clock at 7 am and suddenly I'm able to have dark circles under my eyes. Now about my blonder hair, let me give you three advices: 1 - do not buy unknown hair dye on sale, 2 - do not dye your hair at house in a hurry, 3 - if you have long hair do not forget to buy a second package or half of your hair will remain undyed. All this together resulted in a yellow root, which already took care of with a great shampoo that removes the golden tones from the hair. Eis-me de volta, mais loira e friorenta. E quase sem dentes de coelho, graças ao aparelho ortodôntico.  Tive que adaptar-me recentemente a uma nova rotina, estou agora a estagiar na

Yummy! // Banana Muffins with Chocolate Chips and Almond

At Christmas, we like to join all family members in a big table loaded with homemade sweets - no bakery cakes here. Usually I'm in charge of baking the muffins and let the cakes and creams to my aunts. When I bake them, I like to add some fruit in there: orange, apple, banana... and every year is a different recipe, love to try new flavors. These muffins were adapted from this recipe , added honey and almonds, two ingredients I associate to Christmas! These are not too sweet so they're perfect for a snack. No Natal, a tradição cá em casa é juntar a família e ter a mesa carregada de doçura feita por elementos da família - dispensa-se doçaria de padaria. Geralmente eu fico encarregue dos queques e deixo os bolos e cremes para as minhas tias. Os meus queques têm que levar sempre alguma fruta lá dentro: laranja, maçã, banana… E todos os anos é uma receita diferente, que eu gosto de experimentar e dar a conhecer coisas novas. Estes queques foram adaptados desta receita , acres