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Outfit // Pretty tiny flowers

Dress - c/o 6KS | Jacket - Vintage | Bag - Vintage | Belt - Primark | Watch - Casio | Shoes - Lovely Shoes Long time no see! A month without wifi at work and very few free time after-work results in a bad, bad blogger. Missed this, must confess! I'm addicted to all my social networks and this wasn't a good month.  So I'm back, with my pretty new summer dress, from 6KS ! It's cute, it's fresh, it's a quality product. A bit short maybe, for windy days.  On my feet, I'm wearing awesome chunky sandals from Lovely Shoes and I ain't lying when I say it doesn't feel like I'm wearing heels, they're so damn comfy. So they're cool and comfy, how awesome is that?  Long time no see! Pois é, um mês sem wifi no local de trabalho e falta de tempo fora dele resulta nisto, muita ausência nas redes sociais. Confesso que já estava a ressacar, sendo eu assumida viciada em blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr e outras que tais. E por s

Beauty // Beach essentials

A large hat and sunscreen are definitely beach essential items to prevent nasty sunburns and skin aging (plus flip-flops 'cause the sand can burn the feet!) When it comes to sunscreens I only use products from trustworthy brands. My face sunscreen is from Nivea (SPF 30), is quickly absorbed and doesn't leave me with oily skin. It's not the perfect product, but it's quite good.  My body sunscreen is the Solei from Boots Laboratories (SPF 15) and yes, this is definitely a favorite! Its application is very clean and it's a spray, so it's super easy to control the quantity of product to be applied. It's easily absorbed and helps protect the skin in depth due to UVR protection Multidermal (protects from the surface to the deeper layers of the skin). Chapéu de aba larga, protector solar para o rosto e protector solar para o corpo - três items indispensáveis na praia, para evitar queimaduras solares desagradáveis e o envelhecimento da pele (mais os chinelos

6 on 6 Project June - The Burning House

This month, the 6 on 6 theme is The Burning House . If your house was on fire, what objects would you save? I'm not a sentimentalist girl and do not care for personal objects such gifts so I thought in a practical way: what would I need the most?  O tema escolhido para o 6 on 6 este mês foi o The Burning House . Se a vossa casa estivesse a arder, que objectos levariam com vocês? Eu não sou muito sentimentalista, não dou grande valor a objectos pessoais em particular ( souvenirs e isso não me dizem grande coisa) por isso pensei mais em termos práticos, olhei à volta e escolhi o que me faria mais falta. Então, por categorias: The gadgets: the laptop, the phone, the tablet. Probably my macbook is the most important object I own since all my work, photos and stuff are there. Couldn't imagine loosing it! The phone and tablet are less useful to me, but are cool gadgets to update my social accounts (Instagram bitch!) and play games when bored.  Os gadgets: o portát

Beauty // Andreia Summer Nail Polishes

Let me show you the summer collection of Andreia nail polishes. The brand gave me this fancy box when I went to Expocosmética (a beauty fair), with the new Andreia polishes: three colors (blue, pink and orange), one base coat and two top coats, one with matte effect and one with gel effect.  Haven't tried the orange one yet, but I'm seriously in love with the other two ( see here the pink nail polish on my nails!). It takes two coats to get a solid color and the durability is quite good, a week with minimal damage.  Use the base coat regularly to prevent brittle nails and color stains (since these nail polish colors are super strong). My favorite top coat is the Gel Look Effect, love to see my nails all shiny and pretty!  Na minha visita à Expocosmética recebi uma caixinha muito catita com os novos vernizes da Andreia , composta por três vernizes de cor (azul, rosa e laranja), dois top coat (um com efeito mate e outro com efeito gel) e o verniz de tratamento