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Outfit // Basics and Tartan

Sweater - Tiffosi | Skirt - H&M | Boots - Pull & Bear | Scarf - Salsa | Rings - Pimkie | Hairclip & Earrings - Parfois This outfit is a good example to show you what I wear when I go to work or to the mall at weekends. Basic and comfortable clothing items with a more dashing item to bright it up a little - in this case,  it was the tartan skirt that was my best purchase this sale season.  These pictures were completely improvised, shot them in a hurry at the mall parking lot, when the rain stopped for brief moments -  it was not the ideal background but I ended liking this urban scenery. Este é o género de conjunto que tanto uso para ir para o trabalho como para ir passear ao fim-de-semana. Umas peças básicas e uma peça mais "txanam" e está feito, não é preciso pensar muito. Neste caso a peça "txanam" foi uma saia tartan que considero a melhor peça que comprei nesta época de saldos!  O local das fotos foi completamente improvisado, aprovei

Beauty // Run Boy Run & Girls On Film Eyeshadow Palettes

Makeup lovers, feast your eyes with the awesome eyeshadow palettes from Makeup Revolution ! If you never heard about this brand before, go check the website immediately. They sell lots of makeup products at great prices and the star products are the eyeshadow palettes. The palettes names and packaging are super cool and the colors too. The problem is choosing just one or two, you will want them all! Mulheres com gosto por maquilhagem, se ainda não conhecem a Makeup Revolution  aconselho-vos a visitarem o site! Esta marca britânica tem uma grande oferta de produtos de beleza a preços muito convidativos e os produtos-estrela são sem dúvida as paletas de sombras. Além de terem embalagens e nomes super cool, têm cores lindas. I chose two palettes dominated by neutral colors: Run Boy Run and Girls on Film . They’re so versatile, perfect for all occasions. There are brown and pink shades for soft and natural makeup looks and there are vibrant colors like purple, red and blue sh

Tech // A Stylish Sleeve for my Macbook

My Macbook Pro is my ultimate work tool, for my job as a graphic designer and for my blog. So, it was about time to get a new cute sleeve to protect my precious asset.  O meu Macbook é a minha ferramenta de trabalho por excelência, tanto para o meu trabalho como designer gráfica, como para o meu trabalho ( aka hobbie ) como blogger. Acho que já estava na hora de arranjar uma capa de qualidade, para proteger tão precioso bem.  With the slogan “Your life on your case”, Caseable it’s a brand that produces hand-crafted sleeves for laptops and amazing covers for tablets, smartphones and kindle. The best? You can choose between the cute designs created by talented designers or create your own designs. The customization tool is easy to use so it’s quite funny and quick to create our designs and you can customize everything! Both sides, the zipper, the side colors… pretty cool.  Com o slogan “Your life on your case”, Caseable é uma marca que produz sleev

Lifestyle // Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

2014 was a good year. Had my first paycheck, signed up at the gym, met my new boyfriend, got braces to correct my teeth, improved my eating habits and become vegetarian, had great vacations and started a new work as a graphic designer. My goals for 2015: Learn new vegetarian recipes and cook more.  I eat at restaurants and shoppings a lot - lots of money wasted and not-so-healthy dishes. Must improve my cooking skills to have healthier eating habits and more money on my pocket. Save more.  Sometimes I’m good at saving money, but generally I’m better at spending it. For the sake of my unknown and unstable future, must save some money now. Share more.  I’m not that good when it comes to expressing emotions. When my boyfriend wants to talk serious or friends come to me for advice, it can get very awkward. Must improve that. Travel.  It’s honestly my ultimate life goal and the one I’m delaying the most. Due to lack of time, lack of company or money… There shall not be such excus