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Details // I'm a Classic Southampton Lady

...No, I'm not. But this watch is. It's the Classic Southampton Lady watch from Daniel Wellington and it's a beauty, that makes me wonder about sunny spring days and walks by the sea.  Daniel Wellington watches are trendy nowadays and you may have seen them in several blogs and instagram accounts. You already know how pretty they are, so let me talk about what the pictures don't say: It's a bit expensive watch (this one costs 129 euros), but it's an high quality item so it's worth it. The watch has a thin band and a round dial that makes it look elegant and feminine on the wrist. I thought I wasn't going to wear it a lot due to its pink color, but I'm amazed with its versatility - have been wearing it almost daily! Liked the fact that I didn't need to make extra holes for the strap to be perfectly adjusted to my wrist, it was the first time this happened to me. The watch came in a fancy box and the delivery time was super fast (3