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Giveaway - Skull ring

Do you like this ring? Well, you can have it, with a bit of luck.  To enter this giveaway follow these steps: - Follow this blog on GFC; - Like Ahh, La Vie page; - Like Joana Boulevard page; - Fill the form above. Extra entries: - Share this giveaway (and fill the form again). This giveaway ends at October 20th, at 12 pm and the winner will be chosen randomly through Good Luck!
Em conjunto com a loja online Joana Boulevard, vou sortear este anel por uma das minhas seguidoras. Para concorrerem basta seguirem os seguintes passos: - Seguir o blog via GFC; - Gostar da página Ahh, La Vie; - Gostar da página Joana Boulevard; - Preencher o formulário abaixo. Entradas extra: - Partilhar a giveaway numa rede social. Por cada partilha voltar a preencher o formulário. O giveaway termina às 24h do dia 20 de Outubro e a vencedora será escolhida aleatoriamente através de e depois contactada por e-mail. Boa sorte a todas! A carregar...

Tea time.

Autumn is synonymous of hot tea in pretty cups and freshly baked cakes. It's time to grab the blanket and cuddle on the couch watching TV, while listening to the rain outside.
It's the good side of this season: the cult of comfort.

Outono é sinónimo de chá quente em chávenas bonitas e de bolinhos acabados de fazer. É tempo de pegar na manta e de nos enroscarmos no sofá a ver televisão, enquanto se ouve a chuva lá fora.  É o lado bom desta estação: este culto ao conforto.

Fashion // Socks with shoes

With lower temperatures, comes the need to wear socks to stay warm. But beyond it's purpose, I also consider them aesthetically pleasing, if well chosen. In my drawer I have two distinct sections: ordinary socks to be worn only under pants or boots, and pretty socks to be worn with skirts, dresses or short pants. Also, wearing heels with thick socks makes it much more comfortable. And you, heels with socks, yes or no?
Com o tempo a esfriar cada vez mais, surge a necessidade de recorrer às meias para nos mantermos aquecidas. Porém, para além dessa sua função, também as considero esteticamente interessantes, desde que bem escolhidas. Na minha gaveta tenho duas secções bem distintas: meias vulgares para serem usadas unicamente debaixo das calças ou botas, e meias mais bonitas, com bolinhas ou rendadas, para ficarem bem visíveis, a acompanharem saias, vestidos ou calças que tenham a bainha mais subida. Além disso, usar saltos altos com meias grossas é muito mais confortável. E vocês, …

Fashion // Awesome shoes are awesome

Visited Zara's website, big mistake. When I saw these shoes, it was love at first sight. Love it or hate it, it's really one of those cases. I just hated the price, which makes it impossible for me to have a pair. 90 euros? Zara, Zara, you're getting very expensive.
Aventurei-me pelo site da Zara, big mistake. Mal vi estes sapatos fiquei perdida de amores. Acho que são um daqueles casos em que ou se ama ou se odeia. Eu só odiei o preço, que me impossibilita de ter um par para mim. 90 euros? Zara, Zara, estás a ficar muito cara.

Lifestyle // Flea Market & Ice Cream

After a school week, Saturday was a day to relax: took this last drop of summer and went for a walk across my town, where the Molifest is happening, a cultural event that intends to promote local artists.
Went to a Flea Market, there wasn't much that held my attention, but I bought some almost-new black shoes (one can't have too many of those) and a ring, that I offered to my mother 'cause she loved it. Total: 2.50 euros, not bad!
At lunch, ate a Ben & Jerry's ice cream, 'cause I wanted to try this brand for a long time. Definitely a good ice cream and the packaging is adorable (yes, I'm talking about the clouds)!
Depois de uma semana de aulas, Sábado foi dedicado à descontracção: Aproveitei este último restinho de Verão e de bom tempo e fui dar um passeio até à ria de Aveiro, onde estava a decorrer o Molifest, um evento cultural que envolve vários pontos da cidade e visa promover os artistas da região.  Dei uma volta pelo Flea Market, não houve muita coisa q…

About Danny, the blogger

Met the 52 weeks of drawing challenge, it consists in drawing something related to you each week. Found it very interesting, but not for me 'cause I never complete any challenge (lose interest too soon) and, moreover, I have no talent whatsoever for illustration. But I felt like doing some drawings, so I chose to illustrate the 11th week of the challenge: My most recent accomplishment. Must say I'm not a girl that usually accomplishes things, I plan a lot, but 80% of the time end doing nothing. The blog, whose creation was made only after careful deliberation, is what I consider my most recent accomplishment. It's been five months and blogging is now part of my daily routine. The bed (or couch) is my job station, my Canon and Photoshop CS6 my tools and Tumblr, Pinterest and your blogs my inspiration. Although I no longer have black hair, that's how I imagine myself yet still. The red coat is my faithful companion, always carry one. And the Macbook is my beloved computer,…

Fashion Review // Dirty Dancing

I watch this movie every summer, it's a classic that I never get tired of. The songs, the dance, the plot, the very sexy Patrick Swayze, they all contribute to make this film so exciting. It isn't necessary to tell you about the story, I think, because you all have seen the movie, it's a must watch (and I don't even like movies about dancing). Basic shirts and shorts during the day, girlie dresses for the evening, these are the outfit choices Baby, the protagonist, makes. The denim shorts and white blouse tied around her waist (that you can see in the last picture above) are already and iconic look.
Todos os verões vejo este filme, é um clássico do qual nunca me canso. As músicas, as danças, o enredo, o mui sexy Patrick Swayze, todos contribuem para tornar este filme tão cativante. Penso que não é necessário falar da história, pois já todas devem ter visto o filme, é um daqueles must watch (e eu nem sequer gosto de filmes sobre dança).  Camisas e calções básicos durante…

Polka dots & Vintage skirt

Top - Stradivarius | Skirt - Vintage | Ballerinas - Marypaz | Necklace - Wholesale-dress | Ring - Larte

This blog has been inactive for reasons beyond me: my beloved macbook broke down, so I'm without a computer. It means no Internet, so goodbye Facebook, Tumblr, e-mail and blog. A hateful situation, especially for a social networks addict.
Edited these photos in my boyfriend's computer in a hurry, hope to return briefly to my regular posts and to visit your blogs, I miss that!

Este blogue tem estado inactivo por motivos que me ultrapassam: o meu adorado macbook decidiu avariar na altura menos oportuna possível, então estou sem ele momentaneamente. E sem computador não há acesso à internet, portanto, nada de Facebook, Tumblr, e-mail ou blog. Uma situação odiável, principalmente para uma viciada nas redes sociais como eu.  Editei estas fotos à pressa no computador do namorado, espero voltar brevemente às minhas postagens regulares e às visitas dos vossos blogues, que tantas sauda…

Fashion // Bows

One of the good things about winter is the need to wear buttoned up shirts. I prefer to wear them with a little addition: a bow tie, to get that preppy look which I am definitely a fan. Actually they are also a great accessory for your hair, whether on a ponytail of some sort or even loose. This feminine look never really goes out of style and it's easy to make at home, just need a bit of fabric and a few minutes. If you're in the mood for some DIYs I suggest  this, this and this, all of them are both simple and beautiful.
Uma das coisas boas que o frio traz é a necessidade de usar as camisas abotoadas até ao pescoço. Camisas essas às quais eu gosto de adicionar um laço. Dá um ar muito preppy, do qual sou fã. Mas não é só nas camisas que eu gosto de usar laços. São também um excelente acessório para o cabelo, esteja ele apanhado ou solto.É um acessório feminino que não sai de moda e que é muito fácil de fazer em casa, basta um pouco de tecido e uns minutinhos. Caso estejam in …

Nutella cookies

Made my favorite cookies today. Funny thing, I don't like nutella, except in this cookies! Already shared the recipe here, it's so easy to make.
Matei saudades e fiz as minhas bolachas favoritas. É engraçado que eu não gosto de nutella, excepto nestas bolachas! Já partilhei aqui a receita, são muito fáceis de fazer.

BEAUTY - Body Butters

Beauty products have always been a mystery to me. Don't know what a BB cream or a primer are. Serums, oils, all this stuff are unknown territory to me. On one hand, it's kinda good because I spend less money. On the other, I would like to take better care of myself. Don't really know how to get my hair shinier and less dry, don't know how to hide imperfections, don't even know if the facial cream I'm using since May is suitable for my skin type.
All this to say that recently decided to invest in these body butters from The Body Shop because I heard wonders about them and was curious. Indeed they're wonderful. The smell is amazing and my skin is soft and moisturized. Now they're part of a new daily routine.
The strawberry one is my favorite, is not as fluid as the passionfruit nor oily, so I don't have to wait so long for it to be absorbed.
Would like to try more products from The Body Shop, where everything looks so good, the problem is that I don'…

DETAILS - New watch & anklets

Watch - Parfois | Bracelet - Handmade with Love | Anklets - Ebay | Sandals - Zara
I managed to get a few new things, including the watch won in a giveaway (hurray!), a super cute bracelet my beloved boyfriend gave me and these anklets I bought on Ebay. Finally, been wanting them for a long time! But I gotta be honest, it kinda hurts when I wear them, but with some tights on I think it's wearable!
Tomorrow and Friday I'll go to a beach party, not a glamorous event itself but is just to relax before classes begin. It's my goodbye-summer party!

Tenho recebido algumas coisas novas, entre elas o relógio que ganhei numa giveaway (ieii!), uma pulseira super cute que o namorado me ofereceu e estas anklets que comprei no Ebay. Ao tempo que eu andava a cobiçar umas! Tenho de ser sincera, elas magoam um bocado ao roçar na pele, mas como eu planeio usá-las com collants, problem solved! Amanhã  e Sexta-Feira vou para o S. Paio na Torreira, não é um evento propriamente glamouroso mas serv…

Fashion // The new Parfois bags

These bags are amazing. Perfect colors for the next season, don't you think?

Estas malas são uma beleza. Cores perfeitas para a próxima estação, não acham?

Giveaway Volta e Meia

Only in portuguese this time, sorry girls!

Gostaram destas peças? Todas elas são muito bonitinhas e bastante em conta, mas mesmo assim tenho para vos oferecer um voucher que vos dará a possibilidade de comprarem o que quiserem, por metade do preço. Por exemplo, aquela pulseira com o símbolo do infinito, que eu sei que é muito apreciada, ficaria por 1,50 euros. Um bom negócio, right? Para participarem basta serem seguidoras do blog, fazerem like na página Volta e Meia e deixarem um comentário com o vosso nome e e-mail. Termina dia 17 de Setembro e a vencedora, seleccionada através do, será contactada por e-mail. Boa sorte!

Fashion Review // Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23

Don't Trust the B ---- in Apartment 23 is a new comedy series about a naive young girl from the countryside, June, who moves to New York where she ends up sharing an apartment with Chloe, the typical bad girl, aka "a bitch".
Along with these two is the actor James Van Der Beek (Dawson from Dawson's Creek), who plays a fictionalized version of himself.
June's style ranges from formal suits (her Wallstreet side) and casual sets that fits her well and are consistent with the character.
Chloe's style it's a blend of chic with trashy. You may think these two terms don't mix, but the truth is that this mix-match here works very well. Black is the predominant color in her outfits, often with red lipstick to follow. You could say that's très cool, like the sweater she's wearing in the first picture says.
These characters, along with a few more, bring us very comical episodes that give us a few laughs. Who already follows this series?

Don't Trust the B-…