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What I want this Christmas...

Parfois Bag | Mac Lipstick - Dark Side | Philips SalonStraight Pro XL | Glue Gun
More than willing, these are the things I need at the moment. Okay, don't really need another lipstick, it's a mere wish, but a necessary one, given my condition as a vain woman! I want this one in particular for its quality and 'cause it has the perfect burgundy tone I was looking for months. Love it after seeing this post. My current hair straightener is behaving so badly, makes my hair all frizzy, so I urgently need a new one. This Philips model seemed the best, has some super wide plates, which makes the task of stretching the hair so much faster. Also, was looking for the perfect black bag for a long, long time and this was the chosen one. It's not perfect, but was the one that fulfilled my criteria: strong, robust, durable, with a classic and discreet design, lots of space and not too expensive. Finally, I urgently need a hot glue gun, I've many DIYs waiting and this is an essential…

"Wear coat as a dress" #2

Dress/Coat & Ring - VJ Style | Shoes - Seaside
This piece, which I cannot really specify whether is a coat or a dress (as it fits into both categories), proved to be an excellent purchase. The fabric is warm, the seams are perfect and it's versatile because it can be worn with tights or pants. What I like the most about it? The gorgeous detail in the back of the skirt. This ring was love at first sight. One reason for this was the novelty factor, I hadn't seen yet any similar model and I value the exclusivity. Both items are from VJ Style. About my experience with this brand: the service is impeccable and the site is well organized, with great content and pieces that are slightly different than usual, some fast-fashion, other more durable and classy. I've nothing but good things to say about it!
Esta peça, que nem consigo precisar se a denominação correcta é casaco ou vestido, já que ela se encaixa em ambas as categorias, revelou-se uma excelente aquisição. O tecido é que…

Fashion // Tights, tights, tights!

1 - Blanco | 2, 3 & 5 - Modcloth | 4 - Romwe
In the cold season, tights are probably my favorite piece of clothing. In the summer I feel a bit incomplete wearing dresses and skirts without them because they complement the look and hide imperfections, also they give a certain sense of elegance, depending on the design. The only problem is durability. I have both cat and dog back at home, so my tights never last long. Many beautiful and expensive victims ended up in the garbage due to a single rip. So it's a bittersweet love, spend a fortune on beautiful tights that I know I won't have for long. However, can't live without them, so gotta keep buying. Black opaque tights are a must-have item in every closet. There's never one-too-many and they can be worn with almost everything. The colored ones are great for spicing up an outfit. You won't get by unnoticed, that's for sure, so they must be worn with proper confidence to face the more skeptical of glances. Current…

Must-see blogs // Green Grass and Black Clouds

If you're into vintage and preppy style, the lovely Marisa Violeta, from Green Grass and Black Clouds, gives you both.
She pays attention to little details and always has adorable shoes. Besides that, she's able to find the most amazing vintage pieces in secondhand stores, a real talent! Also, she has beautiful hair, with a cute haircut, a pretty color and usually a nice little bow.
Se gostam de estilo vintage e preppy, a Marisa Violeta, do Green Grass and Black Clouds, tem ambos. É atenta aos pormenores e tem sempre sapatinhos adoráveis. Além disso, tem um excelente "faro" para encontrar peças vintage fantásticas e gabo-lhe esse talento! Também tem um cabelo lindo lindo, com um corte super cute, uma cor que lhe assenta na perfeição e geralmente com um lacinho a acompanhar.

BEAUTY - Steamcream All-in-One Natural Moisturiser

Had the opportunity to try this Steamcream product that I was so curious about! This vegan cream,  that only contains natural ingredients, can be applied anywhere in the body and, as you can see from these pictures, has a fluid consistency and the most adorable packaging ever. Applied the cream especially in my hands and elbows and I can confirm that the hydration level is great. Also tested it in my face at night and liked it, is not oily (attention, I have dry skin). It has a very particular odor (lavender?), I think it's one of the main characteristics that stand out in this product, along with the vegan image and the exclusive designed cans. Pros: It's a light cream, moisturizing and easily absorbed. The packaging, in limited editions, can be collected and reused for other purposes. Cons: The smell may not please all and the price it's a bit high, given the amount of product that each package contains, but be aware that you're not only paying the product but also the …

"Wear coat as a dress"

Coat - Primark | Dress & Bag - Lefties | Shoes - Seaside
In these cold days, I have many times followed the advice of the well-known Anna Dello Russo and have worn this coat as a dress. It's my favorite coat of all time: it's red, fitted around the waist, has the ideal length for a 1.60 meters girl and got some lovely details too! Also, I mostly use the black and white combination, so I end up wearing it a lot, while not having to worry if it matches with a certain color or not.
Nestes dias frios, tenho seguido muitas e muitas vezes o conselho da nossa conhecida Anna Dello Russo e tenho usado este casaco como se fosse um vestido. É o meu casaco favorito de sempre: é cintado, vermelho, com o comprimento ideal para uma pessoa de 1.60 metros e tem uns pormenores adoráveis! Além disso, eu uso maioritariamente a combinação preto e branco, por isso acabo por usá-lo bastante, já que não tenho que me preocupar se ele combina com determinada cor ou não. 

Jewelry Stands

from ModCloth
Combining aesthetics with function is always a good idea. Every woman knows that keeping all the earrings, necklaces, rings organized it isn't a easy task at all. These jewelry stands, besides being practical, are also a great decorative item. Currently, all my jewelry is displayed in a cork board, but this is a temporary solution. I've been researching DIY alternatives and I leave you with the most creative ones I found, in case anyone wants to give it a try.
Aliar a estética à função é sempre uma boa ideia. Toda a mulher sabe que guardar todos os brincos, colares, anéis é sempre um problema, manter estes objectos organizados não é fácil.  Estes suportes para jóias, além de práticos, dão uma excelente peça decorativa em qualquer quarto.  Eu, de momento, tenho a bijuteria que mais utilizo disposta num quadro de cortiça, mas é uma solução provisória. Andei a pesquisar alternativas DIY e deixo aqui os mais originais que encontrei, caso alguém se queira aventurar:


Cork Ring Giveaway!

I'm a great admirer of Rita's work, so it's with pleasure that I offer to one of my readers this lovely cork ring from Something Imaginary. To enter this giveaway follow these steps:
- Follow this blog on GFC;
- Follow Something Imaginary blog;
- Like Ahh, La Vie facebook page;
- Like Something Imaginary facebook page;
- Fill the form above.
Extra entries:
- Share this giveaway (and fill the form again).
This giveaway ends at November 30th, at 12 pm and the winner will be chosen randomly through Good Luck!

Admiro muito as peças que a Rita cria, por isso é com prazer que vos venho oferecer este tão adorável anel de cortiça da Something Imaginary.  Para concorrerem basta seguirem os seguintes passos: - Seguir o blog via GFC; - Seguir o blog Something Imaginary; - Gostar da página Ahh, La Vie; - Gostar da página Something Imaginary; - Preencher o formulário abaixo. Entradas extra: - Partilhar a giveaway numa rede social. Por cada partilha voltar a preencher o formulário. O …

NAILS - Nail Art Stickers

Had the opportunity to try these nail stickers from the new Frontcover collection, some stickers that replace the application of nail polish. The design chosen was the famous half moon, because it's one of my favorite manicures, but I have little-to-no patience for actually doing it. As you can see, some stickers weren't very well placed, that's because I wasn't careful enough when applying them, was in a hurry and we all know that haste is the enemy of perfection. Another problem was not having a proper scissors, so cutting the stickers wasn't easy. Ended up using nail clippers, my nails got shorter (which compromised the final result), but at least the stickers were exactly the size they were supposed to be. Pros: Nail stickers are a great solution for those who don't have the patience to paint their nails and wait for them to dry; the nails are all uniform and, of course, doesn't chip off. Cons: Trimming the ends can be tricky without a good pair of scissor…

Fashion // My "I would never wear this" list

I like many things, but I hate many others too. Before anything else, just want to say I respect those who like the things I'm talking about in the post because one can't argue about tastes and if we all liked the same things, it would be a terribly boring world. So I don't want to hurt anyones feelings, just putting some of my tastes out there. Never liked UGGs because they don't give any real form to feet and I think they make any female foot look bad. Don't question the comfort they provide, but in terms of pure aesthetics, they're a big no-no. In fact, I consider them "the Winter Crocs". Now about the sneakers, the ones that are so trendy right now, they seem to be a love/hate thing. I belong to the second group. Never particularly liked sneakers and I think that contributes to my dislike. The other reason is that I find them a bit bulky. The Gola bags is one of those cases of hatred that dates all the way back to high school. They were everywhere an…

Black & Blue

Sweater, Dress & Tights - Primark | Shoes - Seaside | Black ring - Lefties | Cross ring - Wholesale-dress
In this casual outfit I joined two of my favorite colors, blue and black. This leather dress proved to be a great buy 'cause it's so easy to combine, I just put any sweater and the accessories do the rest. Lately I've been wishing to explore more the ​​makeup universe and buying a blue eyeliner was the first step in that direction. I've been researching and I think I'll invest in some eyeshadows and foundations, any advice?
Neste conjunto casual juntaram-se duas das minhas cores favoritas, o azul e o preto.  Este vestido de pele revelou-se uma boa compra pois é muito fácil de conjugar, basta colocar qualquer  camisola por cima e os acessórios fazem o resto. Ultimamente tenho sentido o desejo de explorar mais a área da maquilhagem e comprar um eyeliner de cor azul foi o primeiro passo nessa direcção. Tenho andado a pesquisar e acho que me vou aventurar com pale…

Must-see blogs // Miss Tangerine

If you're into blogs about personal style, Mariana's blog is a good one to visit. She's got a great sense of style and she's also a great model, as you can see in these photos. She always presents us with quality photos and always appears beautiful, with elegant outfits. And I just love her haircut, wish I had the courage to cut my hair like that! Currently Mariana is presenting us a series of outfits inspired by Disney princesses and she's nailing it. Curious? Visit here.
Se são adeptas de blogs acerca de personal style, o blog da Mariana é um a visitar. Bom gosto não lhe falta e talento para posar também não. É uma daquelas raparigas que tem jeito "para a coisa", apresenta-nos fotos com qualidade e aparece sempre bonita, com conjuntos equilibrados e elegantes. Além disso, adoro o corte de cabelo dela, tivesse eu coragem e cortava o cabelo assim!  Actualmente a Mariana anda a apresentar-nos uma série de conjuntos inspirados nas princesas da Disney e tem a…

Fashion // Awesome shirts are awesome

If you're a regular tumblr user, you probably have already seen this type of sweaters (tumblr is very well known for it's amazing images). Sweaters like these are an object of my desire for a long time and my favorite is definitely the unicorn one. When it comes to sweaters, like them oversized, 'cause I love the comfort they provide, and with these fantastic images added, the result must be pretty good. Would wear them, no doubt about it.
Se costumam deambular pelo tumblr, provavelmente já se cruzaram com camisolas deste tipo (não fosse o tumblr conhecido por ter nele concentrado as melhores imagens da internet). Uma camisola assim é objecto do meu desejo já há muito tempo e a minha favorita é, definitivamente, aquela do unicórnio. Eu gosto de camisolas largueironas, gosto do conforto que proporcionam, e adicionar a elas estas imagens fantásticas, só pode ser uma muito boa ideia. Eu vestiria, sem dúvida.

Preppy dress & Straw hat

Dress - La Jupette | Hat - Wholesale-dress | Shoes - Primark | Necklace - Something Imaginary

Some days I feel like dressing more girlie and today was one of those days. The sun has graced us with his presence, so I wore this hat from Wholesale, though think that was his last appearance this year cause I'm writing this with seriously cold fingers, which isn't good at all. Got this dress from La Jupette, it's a girlie dress, with small and cute buttons on the wrists. The fabric is thick and warm, so I didn't need any sweater or coat. The shoes I bought in Primark (a kind of miracle, because they never have shoes my size), also fit this preppy spirit. Nothing too elaborate though, I like to keep things simple.
Há dias que apetece vestir de modo mais girlie e hoje foi um desses dias.
O sol tem-nos agraciado com a sua presença, por isso aproveitei para usar este chapéu da Wholesale, embora me pareça que tenha sido a sua última aparição este ano, dado que escrevo isto com os ded…

Fashion // B&W Polka dots

Since I remember, I love polka dots. It gives a very feminine look, it's cheerful and is one of those things that never goes out of style. And the combination of black and white is just perfect. In my opinion, if you have a boring outfit and add a piece with this pattern, the outfit automatically gets better. And you, polka dots, yes or no?
Porque é que eu adoro polka dots? Dá uma imagem muito feminina, tem o seu quê de cheerful e é uma daquelas coisas que nunca sai de moda. E esta combinação de preto e branco fica mesmo muito bem.  Na minha opinião, se tens um conjunto com um ar monótono e adicionares uma peça com este padrão, o conjunto deixa automaticamente de parecer aborrecido. Quanto a vocês, polka dots, sim ou não?

Yummy! // Nutella Dessert

Another result of midnight cravings. These sudden urges to cook aren't good for my weight, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?
Nutella Dessert
- 1 Tbsp of corn starch
- 1 cup of milk
- half can of sweetened condensed milk
- 1 package of cream
- 1 package of chocolate chip cookies
- 3 tablespoons of Nutella

In a medium saucepan over low heat, combine milk, corn starch and condensed milk. Cook, stirring, until thickened. Remove from heat and add half a package of cream. Let it rest.  Mix the Nutella with the rest of the cream. Then, smash the cookies. In individual bowls, place the smashed cookies, the Nutella and the cream in layers.  Let it cool in the refrigerator half an hour and then it's ready to eat.

Mais um produto de um desejo às tantas da noite. Estas súbitas vontades de cozinhar não são nada boas para a balança, mas you gotta do what you gotta do.

Sobremesa de Nutella
- 1 colher sopa de Maizena
- 1 chávena de leite
- meia lata de leite condensado