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Beauty // Creepy Lens for Halloween Night

Still in Halloween mode! Colored contact lenses aren't an expensive option and they can upgrade any costume (you can ever wear only the lens as a costume). Had the opportunity to try out a pair of lens from LoveShoppingholics (yay!) and chose the most creepy I could found, some white lenses. The bf liked the lens so much I offered it to him - it was very funny to watch someone putting lenses for the very first time. As you can imagine, it's not a thing you do at the first attempt, so if it's your first time, set aside an hour to learn how put them and to get used to them before you leave home. Here's some information about these lenses: The lens - It's name is Geo Halloween White Out Crazy Lens and you can find it here. Characteristics: 14mm diameter, 8,6mm base curve and 38% water content. Packaging - The lenses came well packaged in a lovely resistant box, along with a super cute animal case to store them and a thank you card with instructions for using it.Design -…

Beauty // Halloween Easy-to-Make Makeup Examples

If you're running low on money or do not want to spend in an Halloween costume, you just need to be creative. With a few makeup products you can transform yourself in a creepy creature of the night: vampires and witches are already something cliché and uninteresting, but there is still much to explore, from creepy dolls, zombies and mexican skulls to horror films characters. Personally, love the Jigsaw outfit, it's a mix of sexy and creepy, and you just need a red lipstick and black eyeliner, super easy!

Estamos em crise e não dá para se esbanjar dinheiro em disfarces, por isso há que ser criativa. Juntando a isso o facto de em Portugal não haver uma grande adesão a esta festividade, podemos ser mais contidas ao dispensar o disfarce completo e caprichar só na maquilhagem.  Vampiros e bruxas já são coisa cliché e desinteressante, mas ainda há muito por explorar, desde bonecas creepy, zombies e caveiras mexicanas a personagens de filmes de terror. Pessoalmente, adoro o disfarce …

Outfit // The perfect black dress

Dress - c/o Ark | Clutch - c/o Persunmall | Bracelet - c/o Bellast | Shoes - portuguese
From my closet, this is possibly my favorite dress. I mean, just look at it! The chest area is to die for and the back too, super elegant. It has a super beautiful lace work and looks amazing when dressed. It's from Ark - seriously, this brand has insanely pretty clothes!
Black shoes, silver jewelry and a white clutch complemented the set. The clutch is also a debut, came from Persunmall. I've a closet full of purses but some elegant clutches were missing. I'm always a bit hesitant when ordering purses online (customs seem to love retaining them), but everything went well, the clutch came to me in perfect conditions, very well packed. Glad I chose it in white (although the black version is gorgeous too) , this color is super versatile and is always the perfect choice for a night out.

Este é possivelmente o meu vestido favorito de todos os que tenho. I mean, just look at it! Tem um decote …

Details // Flower Crown & Titanium Quartz Jewelry

Flower Crown - Primark | Necklace & Ring - c/o Eclectic Eccentricity
Just give me a black eyeliner, red lipstick and a flower crown and I'm an happy girl. Didn't resist buying this flower crown at Primark, I mean, the moment I entered the store I saw it, grabbed it and didn't let go. Think it's pretty wearable given its dark color (and the flowers are made of cloth). And it's quite winter-like. So, it was a good purchase, no regrets here.  Flowers aside, wanted for quite a long time quartz jewelry, with a natural and rough appearance - hard task finding it. Then I met Eclectic Eccentricity and magic happened. This british lovely shop sells exquisite delicate jewelry with a little vintage touch, but the best thing is their items are beyond the ordinary and bring you to a fantasy and enchanted land. As the brand says on its website, it's jewelry with stories to tell. Proved to be dangerous driving with this ring, I'm always looking away from the road to the r…

Beauty // Dermacélsia Cosmetics Nail Polish Review

If you never tried Dermacélsia cosmetics, you don't know what you're missing. Excellent quality-price ratio! Although this brand also sells creams and lip balms, I dare to say that their star product are the nail polishes. They're the best, have optimal coverage and durability, and (it seems impossible, but it's true) I like all the colors available. Currently the brand changed the packaging design and they're now more minimalist and elegant.

Se nunca experimentaram os cosméticos da Dermacélsia, apontem o nome pois vão querer experimentar. São daqueles bons, bonitos e baratos! Embora a marca também venda cremes de corpo e mãos e protetores labiais, atrevo-me a dizer que o seu forte e o que os distingue são mesmo os vernizes, que são para lá de fantásticos. São dos melhores vernizes que tenho e, tendo em conta o reduzido preço deles (cerca de 2,50 euros), são uma excelente aposta. Têm uma óptima cobertura e durabilidade e, parece impossível, mas gosto de todas as co…

Lifestyle // Free learning? Yes please!

I was whining about lack of mental activity when I discovered iversity, a site where we can find various online free courses. The sign up is quite simple and you just might give it a try, if you do not like it you can simply abandon the course. I signed up in two courses: Design 101 and The Future Of Storytelling, they both seem very interesting. Basically you learn doing simple exercises at home (homework?) and you learn by watching videos (I can do that!). Duration? Three months. So, I don't see any reason to not give it a try, knowledge is never too much! 
Ora queixava-me eu de inatividade cerebral quando descobri o iversity, um local onde podemos encontrar cursos online gratuitos para todos os gostos. A inscrição nos cursos é bastante simples e, como não custa nada tentar (se não gostar simplesmente deixo o curso), inscrevi-me em dois cursos, Design 101 e The Future Of Storytelling. Basicamente estes são constituídos por pequenos exercícios e a matéria é leccionada através de …

Love it! // Badges, Wooden Jewelry and Funny Cards

Badges (or brooches) are an accessory you don't usually see out there, but now we can find so many cute and creative badges it's impossible not fall in love with. Any fan of Game of Thrones here? Absolutely adore the "winter is coming" pin!
Os broches são um acessório que costuma ser deixado de lado, mas agora têm surgido broches tão giros e criativos que é impossível ficar indiferente. Alguma fã de Game of Thrones aqui? Fiquei apaixonada pelo broche winter is coming!
Nowadays, people are starting to pay more attention to handmade pieces created by skilled craftsmen with small businesses - they make unique and original items that you can't simply find on Ebay. A material that is being explored by these crafty artists is wood, which can be turned into beautiful jewelry.
Cada vez mais se dá valor a peças criadas por hábeis artesãos em casa, com negócios pequenos mas com produtos mais exclusivos, originais e resistentes a tendências passageiras. Uma das matérias-prim…

Outfit // Tartan!

Shirt - c/o Choies | Skirt - c/o Chicnova | Bowler Hat - c/o Dresslink | Bag & Boots - Lefties 
Really like tartan prints, especially in red! Usually I get tired of trends and I fear the same will happen with tartan, but until that happens, I've been wearing a lot my super pretty blouse from Choies. Isn't it amazing? Great fabric, great print, great color, great everything. Now the skirt: a short black skirt is an essential item in my closet and this one from Chicnova fulfills all my requirements. It will be very useful during autumn and winter seasons and I bet you'll see it here in more outfit pictures.
Gosto imenso de padrões com xadrez, principalmente quando o vermelho é uma cor presente neles! Sadly eu costumo enjoar tudo o que é tendência e temo que o mesmo vá acontecer com o tartan... Mas enquanto isso não acontece, ando a usar e a abusar da minha camisa mais-que-linda da Choies. Com a saia já é o inverso: uma saia preta com pregas é uma peça essencial no meu arm…

Lifestyle // Cooking workshop about healthy breakfasts

I've been slowly trying to change my eating habits: don't wanna diet or stop eating those not-so-healthy-but-delicious-foods I love (cheetos and stuff) but to reduce junk food and start eating healthy food more often (vegetables, fruit, seeds, you know what I'm talking about) With this in mind, this Saturday I went to a workshop about cooking healthy breakfasts. It was truly informative. It's always more interesting to retain the information with someone talking about it than reading articles on the internet. Recipes learned: energy smoothie (with banana and other fruits), tropical green smoothie (with spinach and mango, really liked this one!), apple puree, chia pudding with red fruits and a cereal and hemp milk mix.
Tenho andado lentamente a tentar alterar os meus hábitos alimentares: não quero fazer dietas nem deixar de comer aquelas coisas não-tão-saudáveis que adoro (cheetos and stuff) mas sim reduzir essas porcarias e introduzir coisas que realmente deveria comer,…

Details // Jelly sandals

Jellies c/o Ark
Was in love for jellies for about a year... and now I have them, thank's to Ark, hurray! They're the most adorable sandals ever, all clear with silver glitter all over them. It's super cute, I can see my nail polish through them!
Not going to wear them much this year due to rain (though it's been quite warm this week) but having them all shiny and pretty on the shelf looking at me is enough.

Já andava a apregoar a minha fixação por estas sandálias há já uns bons meses... e agora tenho-as, iei! Vieram da Ark, são transparentes e com glitter all over them. Gosto do facto de dar para ver o verniz das unhas através delas, fica engraçado.
Não é que as vá usar muito agora com a chegada da chuva (embora tenham estado uns dias bem quentinhos esta semana) mas só tê-las todas shiny na prateleira a olharem para mim é suficiente.

Outfit // Different shades of blue

Skirt - c/o Chicnova | Top - Mom made it! | Bracelet - c/o Bellast | Watch & Ring - Ebay | Earrings - C&A
These pictures were taken in a sunny summer day when I had coffee with the lovely Ana from Playground Love and she took me some pretty good pictures (she's an awesome photographer!).  I'm absolutely crazy in love with my blue bracelet from Bellast, it's so pretty and shiny! 
Fotos que vêm com restos de verão, numa tarde cheia de sol em Aveiro, quando fui tomar café com a fofinha da Ana. Fotos de grandes planos tão bonitas só podiam ser tiradas por ela, claro. A pulseira da Bellast é uma coisa linda, toda ela a brilhar ao sol, fico babada a olhar.

Beauty // Christmas at Lush

Had the pleasure of attending a meeting to get to know the new Lush Christmas collection, in a very relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. As you know, it's one of my favorite brands for being super ecological and against animal testing, with good and very creative products. So, new things from Lush? Yes, please! Click below to see the little wonders...
Tive o prazer de atender no Porto à apresentação da nova coleção de Natal da Lush, num ambiente muito descontraído e bem-disposto. Como sabem é uma marca que apoio fortemente por serem super ecológicos e contra testes em animais, isto aliado a bons produtos bastante inovadores. Portanto, coisas novas da Lush? Yes, please! Cliquem abaixo para conhecerem os meus favoritos...

Fashion // Cartoon Outfits

Regardless of my age, animation movies and series is something I will always enjoy. They're humorous, light, with engaging characters you never forget... Someone had the brilliant idea of making cartoon characters inspired outfits: Cartoon Closets it's a blog where we can find numerous sets adapted to real life and current trends, from the most varied characters, from classical Disney princesses to contemporary funny characters as Leela, Kim Possible, Ratatouille (yes, male characters and animals included).
Independentemente da minha idade, filmes e séries de animação é algo de que sempre vou gostar. São cómicos, ligeiros, com personagens cativantes que ficam na memória... Ora, alguém se lembrou que seria giro idealizar conjuntos inspirados em personagens animadas: no blog Cartoon Closets podemos encontrar isso mesmo, inúmeros conjuntos adaptados à vida real e à moda actual, das mais variadas personagens, indo desde as clássicas princesas da Disney às contemporâneas Leela, Kim…