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Outfit // Wild Horses

Sweater - c/o Rosegal | Skirt - c/o Chicnova | Necklace - c/o Freena
If you know a bit about me, you probably hat notice that I love animals: dogs, cats, pigs, cows... and of course, horses too. A sweater full of them could only be amazing - plus , love the contrast between black and yellow. It's from Rosegal, a new online store I found and now recommend: The store site has an appealing design, gorgeous clothes, affordable prices and the best, free shipping. Seal of approval! The necklace is from the cutest store I found on Etsy. We all know that Etsy is a world completely apart where we find the most awesome things that are hard to find in ordinary shops, whether it's vintage clothing, handmade jewelry, graphic design, there's a bit of everything. Freena store has lots and lots of cute bowties, lovely jewelry crochet and elegant minimalist pieces like this gold necklace with a geometric shape - love how the necklace is simple and complex at the same time. Go visit Freena, y…

Health & Lifestyle // Food Intolerance Test

Recently made a food intolerance test in a clinic specialized in nutrition, detox and weight loss. Very briefly, food intolerances are the effect of ill digestive processes, which results in poor metabolic absorption of nutrients. There's a very high probability you've some intolerances, studies show that about 80% of the population suffers from this problem. Symptoms that may indicate you suffer from intolerance: bloating, irritability without apparent cause, headaches, abnormal difficulty in losing weight. I've been trying to have a healthier diet so I really wanted to take this test. It took about 50 minutes and knew immediately the results. Have very few intolerances and also have a very short list of pre-intolerances - the intolerances should be removed from my diet and I've to moderate the consumption of foods to which I'm pre-intolerant. So, I'm intolerant to soy, dry sherry and toasted bread, goodbye cheese toasts! The soy issue is more problematic since…

Outfit // Faux fur keeps me warm

Coat - c/o Lookbook Store | Dress - c/o Rosewholesale | Shoes - Pull & Bear | Bag - H&M | Ring - c/o Choies | Earrings - C&A
These pictures were the result of a great act of courage: taking off my coat. It was a sunny day, but still a winter day. However I had to show my more-than-gorgeous new dress from Rosewholesale. The top of the dress has a beautiful transparency that slims this area and it's not necessary to wear a bra because it has incorporated little pads to support the breast. The skirt is asymmetrical and that makes it super cute. It's lovely but sexy too. 
The coat, from Lookbook Store, is the most comfortable and warm thing ever: wherever I am, I feel like I'm wrapped in a cute warm blanket. Just love it! Great quality too, definitely worth buying. 
The coat and dress were matched with a stylish red shoes, a black bag and gold accessories, like the gorgeous Choies ring.

Estas fotos envolveram um grande acto de coragem da minha parte: tirar o casaco. E…

Yummy! // Vegan Apple Cake

Sunday is the best day to try new recipes, because it's the only day of the week when the whole family can rest and enjoy an hot beverage together - and a warm cake is perfect to warm the body and soul. The recipe is from here, but I made some little changes. It's a good cake for vegans or lactose intolerant (like my mother is).
Vegan Apple Cake  Ingredients: 2 apples 2 cups of flour  1 tsp of baking soda ½ tsp of cinnamon powder ¼ tsp of ginger powder ½ cup of brown sugar a pinch of salt ¼ cup of oil 1 cup of water 1 tbs of vinegar
Preheat oven to 180ºC. Combine all the dry ingredients first. Add the water, oil and the chopped apple. Stir well and then add the vinegar - stir again. Pour the mix into a greased cake pan and bake for 40-45 minutes. Then enjoy it with a nice cup of tea. 

O Domingo é o melhor dia para se experimentar novas receitas de coisas doces, porque é o único dia da semana em que toda a família se dedica a um momento de descanso e um bolo quente é perfeito para aquecer o…

My pet says yummy! // December Pet Secret Box

These were products that came in the December Pet Secret box: A dry food bag, a bone to chew, snacks for dental hygiene and a shiny fur, a rope for play time, a QR code label to put on the leash and help find the animal if lost and a 2014 calendar full of cute images of dogs and cats. (If you don't know what is the Pet Secret box, read this post).

Estes foram os produtos que vieram na caixa Pet Secret relativa ao mês de Dezembro: Um saco de ração seca, um osso para roer, snacks para a higiene dental e para um pêlo brilhante, uma corda para a brincadeira, uma etiqueta QR code para colocar na coleira e ajudar a encontrar o animal caso se perca e um calendário 2014 cheio de imagens de cães e gatos fofinhos. (Se não sabem o que é a Pet Secret, vejam este post). 
Verdict: Petra has now started to be more friendly with the postman now she realizes that he brings her good things. The QR Code label it's a great thing, I know that if she runs away, anyone with a smartphone can read the …

Outfit // Loose Jumper for Winter Days

Jumper - c/o Lookbook Store | Skirt - Zara | Boots - Lefties
I get frustrated just looking at these pictures: I was completely alone inside an closed elementary school in a charming village, with a fantastic space and a wonderful day light and had no photographer, just a closet full of spider webs as a tripod. Just felt like an idiot setting the camera timer and then run to pose. Sadly only these three pictures came out.  Frustrations aside, nothing better than an oversized sweater to fight the cold: besides being super comfy, it hides the layers of sweaters beneath! This one is from Lookbook Store and I think it will last many many years, since it's a good quality fabric and it's a basic item, never goes out of fashion. And it's available in super adorable colors (see here!), also love the green one! 
Fico frustrada só de olhar para estas fotos, daí elas terem tardado a aparecer por aqui. Estava sozinha no interior de uma escola primária fechada de uma aldeia encantadora pe…

Beauty // P.S. I Love You Hand Cream

Dear readers, this post is only available to my portuguese readers, but feel free to translate it if you're curious about it!
Cremes hidratantes para as mãos são sempre necessários, no Inverno ainda mais, pois o frio deixa-me as mãos secas e ásperas. O meu creme para mãos terminou esta semana, por isso este P.S. I Love You veio mesmo na hora certa. Só o comecei a usar esta semana mas aqui ficam as primeiras impressões: Textura - O creme tem uma consistência fluída, a sua absorção é bastante rápida, deixa efetivamente as mãos suaves e hidratadas. Não é necessária uma grande quantidade de produto em cada utilização.  Fragrância - Floral, suave. Não é enjoativa, acho agradável. Embalagem - Embalagem de 75ml em tonalidades rosa, tem um design muito feminino. Preço - 4,95 euros, um preço muito razoável tendo em conta a quantidade de produto. 
Tanto o nome como a embalagem são muito adequadas à data que se aproxima (dia de S. Valentim), por isso mesmo tenho para oferecer a uma de vós um cre…

Beauty // Valentine's Day Gifts

I think Valentine's Day shouldn't be a day that promotes consumerism, couples should give to their love homemade gifts (like cute sexy cards or a special dinner), but I also think every women loves to receive a little treat and nobody knows what women like better than Lush. Therefore, if you're a man without ideas or a single woman that wants to relax you can not go wrong with any of these products: they're intimate, lovely and sexy. 1. LOVE LOCKET - Bath bomb. On the outside is filled with heart shaped confetti that will float on water, inside has a mini heart-shaped bath bomb. Costs 10.95 euros. 2 . TENDER IS THE NIGHT - Bar massage with shea butter and murumuru. Oval-shaped, adorned with a jasmine flower in miniature. Costs 10.95 euros. 3 . CLOSE TO YOU - Bar massage inspired in english biscuits stuffed with sweet and vanilla fragrance. Costs 8.50 euros. 4 . NEON LOVE - Soap with a mixture of fresh figs, passion fruit juice and soy yogurt that nourish and soften the ski…

Details // Rings & Tings

Rings & Rings is already a well known brand in the blogosphere. It has a great offer on fashion accessories, with good prices. The brand sent me some items to review: an infinite ring, a golden bracelet and a necklace. The quality isn't great but's pretty good, it wasn't made to last many years but for giving you trendy accessories you've been looking for (the infinity symbol, crosses... the most wanted). I've been wearing the ring the most, but I'm sure I'll wear the bracelet a lot in the summer, along with cute tops and blouses.  
Rings & Tings é uma marca relativamente conhecida já no meio dos blogs de moda. Responde com uma boa oferta às tendências actuais no que diz respeito a bijuteria, com preços acessíveis. A marca enviou-me algumas peças: um anel, uma pulseira e um colar. A qualidade destes acessórios não é excepcional mas é razoável. Não foi feita para durar anos mas sim para responder às tendências do mercado (símbolo infinito, cruzes... o…

Lifestyle // 100 Happy Days

1 - My first paycheck | 2 - A yummy snack in a sunny day | 3 - Playing with my pet | 4 - I love Falafel! | 5 - A night with the girls
6 - Went to Spain with a friend, shopping time! | 7 - A new sexy corset | 8 - Watched Frozen while eating gummies | 9 - Saved a stray dog | 10 - My dog is a fashionista
11 - Friday night with friends | 12 - Drinks! | 13 - Made chocolate fondue | 14 - Tumblr all night long! | 15 - Pomegranade is so yummy
16 - My new fluffly jacket | 17 - Tasty juice | 18 - Partying | 19 - Made delicious pancakes | 20 - The guys
21 - Rice with strawberries yum yum | 22 - A new pretty dress | 23 - Comfy new jumper | 24 - An unexpected heart | 25 - Went to Lisbon, had lunch with the lovely Ester
100 Happy Days is a lovely project, it’s made for you to see the beauty of your life. What do you have to do? Every day submit a picture of what made you happy. The purpose? To star noticing what makes you happy everyday, be in a better mood everyday, realize how lucky you are to ha…