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Lifestyle // Imaginarius

May in Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal) means Imaginarius, a festival of international street theater. It's my favorite event, love the whole environment during the three days of non-stop performances occurring simultaneously in various parts of the city. Many were the performances I saw and loved, but I will only enunciate here a few, relating to the photos (otherwise this post would be huge): Cie du p'tit vélo is a musical group from France, they perform on the streets aboard a tiny car with a lot of personality and their music is so cheerful and contagious! In "The invasion" the Ljud Group promotes the interaction between the audience and the actors, based on non-verbal physical theater. These pink aliens are super fun, laughed a lot with them."Ginkgo" is an Antagon Theater Aktion production, with pyrotechnics, fire, performers on stilts, suspended installations and live original music. As you can see from the last two pictures, it was a great show.These a…

Beauty // Elvive Liso Keratina Shampoo

Was selected to be part of the Project Elvive Smooth Keratin from trnd, a portuguese site where you can try new products and then share your opinion about them  (in case you are selected to a certain project). So I received at home a Elvive Smooth Keratin shampoo, five shampoo samples and ten discount coupons. Gave the coupons and samples to my friends and family and already used the shampoo a few times. 
My opinion: This shampoo promises a smooth, light and silky hair. In fact, I felt my hair lighter and definitely silkier. My hair is not smooth by nature, it's wavy, didn't notice differences in this aspect after applying the shampoo but I think its use will facilitate straightening (have to confirm!). I have dry hair, so it's great to make it smooth and silky with a shampoo whose price is quite friendly. I'll buy the conditioner and mask too, to see if I can get even better results. 

Fui seleccionada para fazer parte do Projecto Elvive Liso Keratina da trnd e recebi e…

Outfit // A beige dress goes well with a navy blazer

Dress - c/o Lovestruck | Blazer - Bershka | Shoes - Zara | Bag & Belt - Primark | Hair Cuff - Ebay
Need to say that this dress from Lovestruck was a big step for me. I was once loyal to black, but I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try new colors, those I tended to avoid. It was the first time I wore a beige dress, color never seen before in my closet! And you know what? Like it, it's true that the color is very similar to my skin tone, but that ends working well. Rescued this purse I forgot I have, personally think the two items look perfect together 'cause the bottom of the bag has exactly the same dress color. About Lovestruck, it's a brand from UK that sells vintage inspired clothing, visit the site to see all sorts of lovely items! By the way, I'm in love with the brand logo, it's adorable.  Off-topic, ou may noticed these pictures have different colors from the usual, personally like this old and nostalgic vibe, yet I would like to know your opinio…

Beauty // Do-it-youself Makeup!

The DIY culture has gained more and more followers, those who prefer to get to work and create (or recreate) pieces of jewelry, clothing and decoration for low costs​​. This DIY trend was extended to the makeup world and one of the brands that saw potential in this field was Bellápierre, a brand of mineral cosmetics. The jar with pink pigment you can see in the pictures above is an extremely versatile product that can be used on the face, eyes, lips, nails, hair... When mixed with other colorless products (that the brand also provides) results in a variety of products and applications. Here's a brief explanation of how the pigments can be applied: As eyeshadow: Apply the color with a sponge or brush on the eyelid. For a more intense color, use a damp brush. As blush: With a blush brush apply a small amount of powder over the cheekbone. For a more intense color, apply with a damp sponge. As eyeliner: Wet a thin eyeliner brush and dip it in the powder color. Then apply it along the lash…

Giveaway // Win an heart shaped sweater!

If you like vintage shorts and sweaters, sexy crop tops and so on, you'll probably like Welove, a Facebook page that sells awesome customized pieces. And luckily for you, you can win one heart shaped sweater, chosen by you! Simply fill out the form below. Ends on June 4th and the lucky winner will be contacted by email. Good luck girls.
Se gostas de calções de cintura subida, crop tops e camisolas ao estilo vintage, provavelmente conheces a Welove, uma página de Facebook que vende um sem número de peças personalizadas. E para vossa sorte, uma de vós poderá ganhar uma camisola com um adorável recorte nas costas, à vossa escolha. Para isso, basta preencher o formulário abaixo! A vencedora será depois contactada por e-mail. Boa sorte!

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Lifestyle // Short-films festival, TEDx and Molifest

Wednesday took place at Teatro Aveirense a showcase of short-films made ​​by students of the Department of Communication and Art, University of Aveiro, in an event named Made in DeCA. I  entered with a short-film (this one), was nominated for best picture.  (By the way, I look terrible in the picture, I know!)
Quarta-feira teve lugar no Teatro Aveirense uma mostra de curtas-metragens realizadas pelos alunos do Departamento de Comunicação e Arte da Universidade de Aveiro, num evento intitulado Made in DeCA. Eu participei com uma curta que já vos mostrei aqui, foi nomeada para melhor fotografia. Querem ver do bom que se faz aqui? Aconselho-vos a verem estas curtas: Olímpico, 10M e 8/80. (Um aparte, fiquei péssima na foto mas pronto!)

Saturday went to TEDxAveiro. It was an amazing day, must say. Was able to attend several conferences with excellent speakers and various musical performances. Besides that, spent the day eating yummy snacks, all without spending any money. And I still went ho…

Fashion // Hurry up Summer!

I'm a bit annoyed with this season: one sunny day, five stormy days... not the way I like it. Never know what to wear and this instability is killing me! Spring go away, I want Summer... All I want is to wear some cute shorts, a fresh top, some trendy sandals and go for a walk, eat an ice cream at the seaside and maybe study at the beach (hum... probably not). Made these cute outfits with clothing from Cozbest, an online store I recently discovered. These items are just gorgeous, don't you think? Want them all!
Esta Primavera está-me a mexer com os nervos, tanta inconstância já cansa. Eu, que ando de malas de um lado para outro semana a semana (vida de estudante), levo sempre a roupa trocada, ora trago roupa fresca e chove, ora trago roupa quente e está um calorzão. Um pouco de estabilidade era bom, até porque uma pessoa quer fazer planos e não pode, está sempre dependente do tempo... O que eu quero é enfiar uns calções, um top fresco e umas sandálias giras e sair para a rua, v…

Short-film: One Day

Promised to show you a short-film made by me and some friends, so here it is! It's inspired in a poem by Sophia de Mello Breyner, named "One Day". If you want to see it, click here (don't forget to watch in 720p, fullscreen!). I'm sorry it doesn't have subs, but I think you'll enjoy it anyway.
Como prometido, aqui está a curta-metragem que realizei em conjunto com umas amigas, inspirada no poema "Um dia" de Sophia de Mello Breyner. O resultado não é extraordinário, mas penso que ficou bonita e é agradável de se ver. Caso estejam curiosas, vejam aqui (não se esqueçam de alterar a qualidade para 720p e ver em fullscreen, claro!). Só tem um minuto e tal, é mesmo curtinha.

Beauty // Emotional Brilliance from Lush

Present to you two different but pretty simple makeovers for busy days, when you don't have time to do a fancy make up. Basically, I'm only using three products in every makeup: lipstick, mascara and eye shadow. All products used (except the mascara) are from Lush Emotional Brilliance line, wich contains about 30 natural products, based in the world of colors and emotions. The brand has created a game where you can choose three colors that captivate you the most at the moment and these colors will match a particular product with an emotion name. Here's the three emotions I chose: Ambition, Perspective and Dynamic. My impression: these cosmetics are super versatile 'cause they don't have only one function, they can be used in various ways. Both liquid lipstick Ambition as Perspective can be used as blush (in the second photo I'm using Perspective on my cheeks) and the eyeliner Dynamic can also be used as eye shadow and highlighting. Generally use it as eye shadow …

Happy birthday to me

Today it's my birthday, I'm 22 years old now. I remember a few years ago I was super excited about my birthday day, there was always a big party, cake, gifts and it felt like a special day. Now it's just a regular day, one of the perks of growing older. Oh well... I'm not having cake but at least I'm going to see a Gogol Bordello concert, I love those guys, so it's going to be awesome.  Although I don't usually receive gifts, my parents always give me some money to buy something I want, so now I have to choose between a long dress, (another) bag, a bikini or some sandals. Decisions, decisions!
Hoje faço 22 anos. Lembro-me que há uns anos atrás ficava super excited neste dia, havia sempre festa, prendas, bolo e era um dia especial. Agora é um dia como os outros. Até me deprime um bocado, pois tenho saudades destes aniversários, mas envelhecer tem destas coisas. Oh well... Não há bolo mas há concerto dos Gogol Bordello na Queima do Porto, nada mau portanto. Em…


These pictures were taken on a day were me and some friends went filming for a short film (that I'll show you next week!). We were fortunate, it was a great sunny day and I was able to enjoy the sea. Looked like a little kid playing... The water was not even cold, sort of a miracle.

Estas foram algumas fotografias captadas num dia dedicado a filmagens para uma curta-metragem, que planeio partilhar convosco na próxima semana. Andamos por Fermentelos, onde está o maior lago da Península Ibérica, filmamos também por Aveiro e acabamos a tarde na praia da Barra. Tivemos a sorte de ter estado um dia cheio de sol e calor e poder brincar no mar um bocado soube-me tão, tão bem. Parecia uma criança a brincar... A água nem sequer estava fria, como que em jeito de milagre.

Must-see Blogs: Heaven Rose

Caroline is the girl behind Heaven Rose, a lovely blog full of wonderful feminine things and adorable pictures.  Besides her talent to take pictures, I admire her freckles, they're so damn cute!
A Carolina é a rapariga por detrás do Heaven Rose, um blog adorável repleto de coisas femininas e fotos bem queridas.  Além do seu jeito para a fotografia, é de salientar que tem umas sardas lindas, lindas!

BEAUTY - Facial toner & my favorite lipstick

Present to you my new favorite lipstick: Vitamin E Lip Smoother (color rhubarb) from Ecco Bella. It's super moisturizing and it has an adorable color than, unlike the majority of hydrating lipsticks, remains on the lips for a long time. The downside of using a good lip moisturizer it's that the majority is either colorless or, when it does have color, the color comes off easily (or even worse, stains your teeth). That's why I like this lip smoother so much, it's does all the work and it does it well.  Didn't test the toner enough time to point out all the benefits, but I can already say some. It's a vegan toner rich in vitamins which is suitable for all skin types and can be used in the whole body. Gives vitality to the skin, maintains a controlled pH and has antioxidants that fight skin aging. Why use the toner? The skin naturally has an acidic pH, which helps to prevent infections. After cleansing the skin, it becomes slightly alkaline. When using the toner aft…

April Favorite Posts

OUTFITS 1 - Fashion Around | 2 - Flattery | 3 - Kiss Me Quick | 4 - Steffy's Pros and Cons
1 - Basic jeans, a striped shirt, masculine shoes and a red coat are four items that look perfect when together.  2 - A very elegant and feminine outfit. Love the blazer, fabulous color and shape. 3 - Beautiful clothing, beautiful colors, everything matching so well! 4 - Adorable shorts alert! And the bow tie? Always loved them, the irony is that I've one and never wear it.
1 - Jeans básicos, camisola às riscas, sapatos masculinos e casaco vermelho são quatro coisas que juntas ficam perfeitas. 2 - Um conjunto elegante mas bem feminino. Adoro o blazer, tanto a cor como o corte dele! 3 - Peças lindas, cores lindas, tudo muito bem conjugado.  4 - Alerta calções adoráveis. E a fita preta no colarinho! Sempre adorei, a ironia é que tenho uma e nunca a uso. 

BEAUTY 5 - Fabric Maiden Braids | 6 - Heidi Braid | 7 - Glitter Nail Polish | 8 - White and Blue Polkadot Nails
5 and 6 - Incorporate a scarf int…