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Comfy while walking my pet

Sweater - c/o Sosolo | Leggings - c/o Wholesale-dress | Wellies - Jumbo

I'm on vacations, so now I've the time to walk my pet, thing I can't do when my classes start. But for these walks, no coat is required, since I start sweating in a few minutes. Therefore, I need to be comfortable, so wellies a and comfortable sweater are the best option. I rarely wear pants, even in winter. Personally, I think leggings are warmer so I prefer to wear them  (always with a longer sweater). These are ridiculously warm, inside they have a thick lining of fur, never seen leggings warm like these! The vintage sweater is from Sosolo, always loved these sweaters, they aren't exactly trendy or feminine, but they make me feel comfortable and cozy, so when I'm home I always wear them.
Tenho aproveitado estas pequenas férias para dar uns passeios com a minha cadela, porque daqui a uns tempos só a volto a ver ao fim-de-semana. Mas para estes passeios, nada de casacos que fico a suar em minutos…

DETAILS - Pocket Notebooks

My beloved notebook from Pampa Mia has come to it's end (which isn't surprising, given the large number of lists I do every day) and I found some new ones to bring with me wherever I go: these pocket notebooks from Rifle Paper Co. are perfect because they're so tiny and thin, so they don't occupy space in my bag. And they look so cute, each cover is amazing, with those golden prints. Call me superficial, but I don't like being on the train writing in an ugly notebook. It's the same thing as drinking tea, seem to taste better if the cup is beautiful!
O meu tão adorado bloco da Pampa Mia acabou (o que não admira, dado o número de listas que faço diariamente) e já encontrei uns substitutos à altura: estes blocos pequeninos e finos da Rifle Paper Co. são perfeitos para me acompanharem, porque não pesam nada na mala e têm um aspecto muito bonito. Chamem-me fútil e superficial, mas não gosto de estar no comboio a escrever num bloco cheio de publicidade que veio junto…

Must-see blogs // Melissa Araujo

Melissa Araujo, fashion designer, runs a blog about fashion, photography, illustration and design. She's great at posing for pictures and her outfits are minimalistic and creative. Besides that, I really admire her talent to draw, her illustrations are also minimalistic and very cute. Well worth the visit!

Melissa Araujo, designer de moda, gere um blog sobre moda, fotografia, ilustração e design com uma estética muito própria. Gosto imenso dos conjuntos que ela mostra, são minimalistas e criativos. Além disso, admiro o seu talento para a ilustração, também em jeito minimalista. Vale a pena a visita!

My new party dress

Dress - Jones + Jones | Shoes - Marypaz | Clutch - Avon
Was asked by Jones + Jones to be their "blogger of the week". So this beautiful dress was delivered at my doorstep, what a joy! It's a gorgeous, incredibly well-made piece, you can't find dresses like this in any place for sure. The sequins and the back of the dress really made it stand out, but my favorite part is definitely the skirt, very lady like. 
These photos were taken on a rare sunny moment just to show you, now the dress is in my wardrobe, awaiting for warmer sunny days.
Fui convidada pela Jones + Jones para ser a sua "blogger of the week". No meio de tantos vestidos bonitos a escolha foi muito, muito difícil, mas acabou por vir este para casa. Quase me babei quando o vi (perdoem-me a "jabardice"), não se encontram peças assim em Bershkas e semelhantes. A parte de cima do vestido é a protagonista por causa das lantejoulas e das costas abertas, mas a saia rodada é que me faz gostar tan…

BEAUTY - Double Mascara & Lash Serum

I've been using this mascara and serum from Lashem on a daily basis. The first one because mascara it's the only mandatory makeup item a woman must wear everyday (I think) and the second one to satisfy my curiosity. 
It's necessary to say I'm very picky with mascaras, I don't like them when they clump or when they give you a fake look, 'cause I prefer a more natural look. With Lashem Double Trouble Mascara I haven't had those problems and it's now one of my favorite mascaras. 
It's a dual sided tube, one side is a brush to add volume and the other to add length. Both sides are very effective so you can achieve fuller and longer lashes at the same time, when both are applied together. Usually I use the length side, 'cause it makes my lashes look very long and natural and that's what I want. But when I'm going out and need a more elaborated makeup, I use both sides and the result is great!
About the serum: The Measurable Difference Lash Gel S…

Black & White

Coat - Sammydress | Sweater - Chicnova | Leggings - Stradivarius | Shoes - Pull & Bear | Bag - Pinkoholic | Beanie - Salsa | Necklace - Be.utifly
Hate taking pictures by myself! Wasting time adjusting the tripod (finally bought one), trying to get the  right framing and lighting, taking numerous photos because 90% came out blurry... So frustrating!  Even worse, had to choose an ugly wall as a scenario 'cause it's been raining non-stop. This made me think of all the bloggers who take their photos themselves, they gained my respect and admiration, 'cause it's not that easy! Anyway: Finally got a white bag. Found it at Pinkoholic website (which I love, is full of super cute things) and reminded me the Baguera clutches I love so much. Besides loving the color and the geometric forms, it has lots of space, very useful to wear on a daily basis. The sweater, from Chicnova, was a great purchase and I've wearing it a lot. Besides being incredibly comfortable, the stripes a…

Les Petites Choses Giveaway

Look at these cute earrings you can win! To enter, you just have to fill the form below, there are only two mandatory entries: Follow my blog and like Les Petites Choses on Facebook. This giveaway ends at February 1st and the winner will be chosen randomly through Good Luck!
Olhem que bonito par de brincos escolhi para oferecer a uma de vós, cortesia da loja Les Petites Choses! Para entrar basta preencher o formulário abaixo, sendo que só duas entradas são obrigatórias: Ser seguidora do blog e gostar da página Les Petites Choses no facebook.  O giveaway termina dia 1 de Fevereiro e a vencedora será escolhida aleatoriamente através do e depois contactada por e-mail. Boa sorte!

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DETAILS - Necklace & Unsual Ring

Sweater from Chicnova
Since I received this necklace, from Be.utifly, I've used it numerous times. To my great satisfaction, it goes with most of my clothes and is an excellent addition to an outfit: if I'm wearing it don't feel the need to accessorize further.
The ring is super cute, original and it has my favorite colors: black, red and white. Impossible not to like! As it is easily moldable, if for some reason it becomes deformed, it's easily restored to its original form (already happened to me getting stuck in my hair).
In other matters, I'm looking for an inexpensive tripod to take pictures more often, but didn't find one till now. So frustrating, when I need something, never manage to find it.
Desde que recebi este colar, da Be.utifly, tenho-o usado imensas vezes. Para minha grande satisfação, ele fica bem com a maioria das minhas roupas e é um excelente complemento, se o uso não sinto necessidade de acessorizar mais.  O anel, já mostrado aqui, é super giro…

It's me, again!

A few time ago I posted a illustration of me, now I'm showing you this one made by the talented Rachel, from Floral Prints and Common Sense. She succeeded at capturing my main features: my freckles, the "bunnie teeth", the red lipstick... Loved it!
Ainda há uns tempos vos mostrei uma ilustração minha, agora venho-vos mostrar outra, desta vez feita pela talentosa Rachel, do Floral Prints and Common Sense. Acho que ficou muito querida e captou bem as minhas principais características: as sardas, os "dentes de coelho", o batom vermelho... gostei imenso!

Fashion Review // 2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls is a comedy series about two young ladies, Max Black and Caroline Channing, who work together at a restaurant in Brooklyn, while trying to raise enough money to open a cupcakes store.
When it comes to fashion, Caroline is a fan of light colors and classy clothes, high heels (Louboutin if possible) and a necklace with pearls, which she always carries with her. This elegant style intends to represent a high society girl, rich and sophisticated, which she was before her former billionaire father got arrested for fraud. 
Max cames from a poor and messed up family and wears casual outfits, that don't stand out, with the exception of makeup: she's always wearing a gorgeous dark red lipstick, that looks great on her!
These two girls, so different from each other, gives us great laughs, along with a few more characters: Oleg, the ukrainian perverted cook, Sophie, the polish neighbor that dresses in a very flashy manner and Han Lee, the korean boss that no one takes seriousl…

Beauty // Micellar solutions

This product from Bioderma is the benchmark micelle solution that daily cleanses and removes make-up from sensitive skin. It's a great cleanser to use in my beauty routine, it's not aggressive (no need to rub my face till it's red), and don't have to wash my face after apply (which is nice, 'cause I'm super lazy). However it's not very effective in removing heavier make-up, in particular waterproof mask and liquid eyeliner.
Used it everyday and have to go buy a new one asap, now that my sample is over!
Geralmente eu suspeito dos produtos com um aspecto semelhante a água, porque tenho aquela ideia de que não vão ser eficazes. Wrong.  Adequado especialmente para peles sensíveis e intolerantes, este produto de limpeza da Bioderma, da gama Sensibio H2O, é um óptimo desmaquilhante para usar no dia-a-dia: limpa e desmaquilha o rosto, acalma e descongestiona, refresca e tonifica. Pontos fortes: não é agressivo (não é preciso andar a esfregar a cara), nem sequer é n…

Grey shades and a bit of red

Coat - Sammydress | Shirt - Wholesale-dress | Skirt - Pull & Bear | Tights - MyTights | Shoes - Marypaz | Clutch - Primark | Ring - BeUtifly
In winter time I always go for darker shades, so this outfit is a good example of what I usually wear. With the exception of high heels, just wear them sporadically to get used to them, since I get tired quickly and really need to change that fact asap. The coat, which had already shownhere, is one of the pieces I wear the most and it's still just like new, which only proves that the distrust on asians items are often unjustified, you just have to know how to choose. The same goes for the shirt fromWholesale: it's super cute, warm and I want to wear it all day!  Did you like the tights? Wanted ones like these for a long time and found them in MyTights website. Initially wanted them all black, but when I saw these with the red stripe changed my mind, I'm a sucker for red details.
No Inverno tendo a escolher sempre tonalidades mais esc…

Yummy! // White brigadeiros

A few days ago I was dying to eat some brigadeiros, but didn't have any chocolate at home! Decided to replace it by coconut and lemon zest and they turned out delicious!
White Brigadeiros Ingredients: - 1 can sweetened condensed milk - 1 tablespoon lemon zest - 1 tablespoon butter  - grated coconut (frosting)
In a medium saucepan over low heat combine butter and condensed milk. Cook, always stirring, until thickened, about 10-15 minutes. Then, add the lemon zest. Remove from heat and let it rest until cool enough to handle. Form into small balls and cover with grated coconut. They're ready to be served! 

Há uns dias queria fazer brigadeiros mas não tinha chocolate em pó. Contudo a vontade era tanta que decidi fazê-los na mesma sem o chocolate, que foi substituído por raspa de limão. E não é que ficaram mesmo bons? 
Brigadeiros brancos Ingredientes: - 1 lata de leite condensado - raspa de meio limão - 1 colher de sopa de manteiga - côco ralado (cobertura)
Num tacho, misturar a manteiga …

Hey, it's me!

Loved this illustration Joana made for me. She's a talented girl and I think her minimalist illustrations are great. She done other bloggers illustrations, all of them fantastic, you can see them on her blog, Impromptu! These last few days haven't been that great. Getting caught between papers to deliver, stress and little sleep, I'm not feeling very motivated to get out of my pajamas. Two more exams to go, then finally a return to normality.
Gostei muito desta ilustração, feita pela Joana. Eu costumo ser esquisita com ilustração vectorial, mas aprecio muito a estética minimalista dela. Ela já fez ilustrações de outras bloggers, todas elas ficaram fantásticas, podem vê-las no seu blog, Impromptu! Estes dias não têm sido muito bons para mim. Entre projetos para entregar, stress e sonos trocados, não me tenho sentido muito motivada para sair do meu pijama. Ainda vêm aí mais dois exames e depois prevejo um regresso à normalidade...

DETAILS - Red jewelry

These accessories (rings and earrings) have been the most used this season, since bracelets are always hidden by sweaters and necklaces by scarves. I don't usually wear earrings this long, but liked these ones cause it has flowing lines, a pearl to match the others I'm already wearing and who's the woman who doesn't like hearts? The ring has a curious pattern, seems organic, find it very interesting. Also like the aged vibe it transmits. Liked these handcrafted pieces? They're from Mix-lânea, there you can find many unique pieces and customizable, it's well worth the visit.
Estes acessórios, brincos e anéis, têm sido os mais utilizados agora no Inverno, já que as pulseiras ficam sempre escondidas pelas camisolas e os colares pelos cachecóis.  Não costumo usar brincos muito longos, mas engracei com estes, tem linhas fluídas, uma pérola a fazer par com as outras e quem é a mulher que não gosta de corações?  O anel tem um padrão curioso, parece orgânico, acho-o muito…

Giveaway - Fox House $50 voucher

I'm very busy studying for my finals, so I haven't time for the blog. To compensate you, here's a new giveaway, sponsored by Fox House. To enter this awesome giveaway: - Follow my blog; - Like Fox House on Facebook;  - Follow Fox House on Twitter;  - Fill the form. This giveaway ends at January 15th and the winner will be chosen randomly through Good Luck!
Estou em época de exames, por isso o tempo que posso dedicar ao blog é muito escasso. Para vos compensar, aqui vai uma nova giveaway, desta vez patrocinada pela Fox House. Para participar é necessário seguir estes passos: - Segue o meu blog; - Torna-te fã da página Fox House no Facebook; - Segue a página Fox House no Twitter; - Preenche o formulário. O giveaway termina dia 15 de Janeiro e a vencedora será escolhida aleatoriamente através de e depois contactada por e-mail. Boa sorte a todas!
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Giveaway - Chicnova $30 Voucher

To start this year in the best way, I've to offer you a $30 voucher to spend at Chicnova! All the items in the picture above cost less that $30, so you see you can choose something really nice in case you win! To enter this giveaway follow these steps: - Follow my blog; - Become Chicnova fans on Facebook, PinterestorTumblr; - Register to the site; - Fill the form with your register email and the link of your favorite item on Chicnova. This giveaway ends at January 14th and the winner will be chosen randomly through Good Luck!
Para começar o ano da melhor maneira, tenho para vos oferecer um voucher no valor de 30 dólares para gastar na Chicnova. Todos as peças que constam na imagem não chegam a esse valor, por isso podem ver que dá para escolher uma coisa muito gira caso ganhem. Para participar basta seguir os seguintes passos: - Segue o meu blog; - Torna-te fã da página Chicnova no Facebook, PinterestouTumblr; - Regista-te no site; - Preenche o formulário com o teu e-mail de…

BEAUTY - Comforting Day Cream

Started using this Optíva day cream from Boots Laboratories after I ran out of my previous cream and I'm loving it, used it during the day but also at night, because the hydration is great, doesn't make your skin too oily but more of a velvety feel. It's consistency is similar to the famous Nivea, but spreads very well. It has sun protection factor 15 and its fragrance vaguely reminds me of the smell of a sunscreen, but it's a pleasant odor.
Also liked the packaging, isn't a jar so it's more practical to walk with it in my bag, but when the package is emptied there is some waste of product that get's stuck on the sides.
Pros: Highly moisturizing, non-greasy and provides a comfortable feel on the skin, protects against UV rays and is easily transportable.
Cons: None I can remember. I'm frankly surprised with the Boots brand, this cream is part of my daily routine of skin care and don't intend to stop using it.
Comecei a utilizar este creme de dia Optíva…