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Fashion // Please, be mine.

Karen Walker
Saw these pictures at The Black Peony blog and felt in love with the dress, it's just perfect. So, I had to come here and post about it. The skirt is nearly perfect, I like the color, cut and the little chain detail. Also a fan of the shirt, very elegant and classy! Want, want, want!
Vi estas peças no blog The Black Peony e adorei o vestido, é mais que perfeito. Portanto, tinha que vir aqui partilhar isto. A saia também roça a perfeição, gosto imenso do corte, da cor e do pormenor da corrente. Da camisola, sou fã do padrão, é muito classy. Ai, que vocês ficavam tão bem no meu armário...

Lifestyle // Flea Market - What I bought

First time I went to a Flea Market! Must say I was looking forward to go there, always heard about beautiful vintage pieces purchased at very low prices at this kind of place.
Have to admit that during the first ten minutes I was slightly stunned because, being used to a more store-like kind of environment, everything tidy and spacious, suddenly I saw myself in a totally chaotic place, which caused me a lot of confusion, didn't know where to start or how to explore the pieces with all that movement around. Was also disappointed 'cause the prices weren't friendly at all. I'm a big fan of second-hand business concept, but when items are sold at the price of new, it kinda goes against the premise of the thing. But didn't give up and my effort was rewarded: after further examination and thorough search, found beautiful things with extremely attractive prices and bought it without even thinking of bargaining, I'm not good at all at that.
Bought some things I was despe…

Red Dress & Pearls

Dress, belt, necklace - Wholesale-dress | Ballerinas - Vintage

I wanted a red dress for a long time now and this was the chosen one, 'cause the collar is just too damn cute. Came from Wholesale-dress, was the first piece of clothing I ordered online and have no complaints at all. Actually, my mother praised the quality of both fabric and cut and she knows a thing or two about this since she's a seamstress.
Wore it on Saturday, when I went to my town's Flea Market. Also wore black tights 'cause the weather was a bit off and rained the day before, but wasn't really a wise choice as it turned out to be a warm and sunny day. As I always liked the black/ red combination, the heat didn't beat me.
I've been addicted to pearls lately, you may not clearly see in the pictures but I have some in my braid (mother did it!) and also in my new lovely necklace. Think it goes well with lace.
Difficult week ahead, full of university work, but will always take some time to come h…

Lifestyle // Clouds & Imaginarius

Tried to draw some clouds on my nails but did't work very well, gonna try again with some different technique, perhaps with the help of a sponge and a brighter shade of blue polish. Funny thing is I never used to wear bracelets, preferred the bare nakedness of my wrists but I see myself enjoying more and more of this kind of accessorie. Those bracelets were sent by the sweet gal from Keep it Golden, was my first giveaway win and couldn't believe my luck! I never win these things, so it was great to get this one, for a change.
Experimentei desenhar umas nuvens nas unhas mas não ficaram com lá muito bom aspecto, vou tentar outra vez com outra técnica, talvez uma esponja e um verniz azul mais claro. É engraçado, antes nunca usava pulseiras, preferia os meus pulsos nus, mas estou a gostar cada vez de usá-las. As pulseiras com as tachas na foto foram oferecidas pela rapariga mui simpática do Keep it Golden, foi a primeira giveaway que ganhei, quase não acreditei! Eu nunca tenho sort…

Red trench coat & Blue dress

Dress - Bershka | Trench coat - unknown | Sandals - Zara | Sunnies - C&A | Necklace - Pull and Bear

I've decided to organize my closet to get rid of the winter clothing and just realized it's time to buy new dresses. And skirts. And shorts. That's it, I need to renew everything except jeans (hate wearing pants during the summer). This necklace is one of my favorites now. At first for it's color. Second, for it's shape. Loved it 'cause I've never seen one like this. Was one of those impulse buys which I do not regret. Also bought these pair of sunglasses because my others ones just broke apart. I'm always the same when it comes to sunglasses, always buy cheap ones that got a very limited life span. When they break, just buy another one the very same day. Still not sure if I like these, they're completely round and don't know if they are the right fit. But walking around without sunglasses is not an option.
Estive a organizar o meu armário, par…

Fashion Review // Une femme est une femme

Saw this movie just yesterday and loved it, wish it would never end.
At first, the whole nonsense was a bit strange, then I enjoyed it.
The actress has a beauty of its own, different from the Hollywood celebrities who generally look all the same.
The main character is irresistible and super funny, she dresses in a lovely way also. Gave me the urge to go buy some red tights, then join my red cardigan, skirt and black ballerinas and go hopping around the city streets.
In addition to the colored tights and caps, knee-length skirts, the large trench coat and white lingerie, she always wears bangs and cat eye, two things you already know I appreciate very much (I use both, in fact).
It was the first Nouvelle Vague movie I saw and it will not be the last. I highly recommend.

Vi ontem este filme e adorei, queria que ele nunca mais acabasse.  Primeiro estranhei todo o nonsense, depois apreciei-o.  A actriz tem uma beleza muito própria, diferente das celebridades de Hollywood que regra geral, têm m…

Oh, so lovely! - Chandeliers

I'm not one for the exuberant things but I love crystal chandeliers. They're are so classy and have a je ne sais quoi of mystery. 

Não sou muito de coisas exuberantes mas adoro candelabros de cristal. São cheios de classe e têm um je ne sais quoi de mistério.

White eyelet dress

Jacket - Vintage | Dress - Bershka | Sandals - H&M | Bag - Primark
This is probably the first white dress I've ever had. White was never my color, I'm pale as a ghost and thought that would look bad because there would be no contrast at all. Now I have a totally different opinion: the white dress highlights the (practically inexistant) color of my skin and gives the illusion of an healthy color, so I can leave my tights at home without shame. Yesterday was searching clothes online and found myself looking for white dresses only! This coming from a girl who, just a few years ago, wore only black. Major breakthrough!
In other news, I've created an account on Lookbook! Thanks for the opinions, weighed in the choice. Now be a sweetie and follow me here.

Este é provavelmente o primeiro vestido branco que tenho desde sempre. Nunca fui rapariga de branco, sou pálida como um fantasma e pensava que me ia ficar mal porque não iria haver contraste nenhum. Agora tenho uma opinião co…

NAILS - Golden tips

Really liked to use my nails this way. Gold was the color of choice, next will be blue, pink, red, black... so many possibilities!
Btw, I'm thinking about creating a Chictopia or Lookbook account, which one do you recommend?

Gostei muito de usar as unhas assim. Desta vez foi dourado, para a próxima será azul, rosa, vermelho, preto... tantas possibilidades!
Btw, estou a pensar criar uma conta no Lookbook ou no Chictopia, qual recomendam?

Fashion // Watches

Never had the habit of wearing things on my wrists, whether were they bracelets or watches. Last year decided it was time to buy one, I'm a student after all and need to know how late am I for class. It took a long time to get used to that extra weight on my thin wrist, but once accustomed, couldn't get by without it and now I'm allways seeking for watches out there. These are my personal favorites, they all have fantastic colors!

Nunca tive o hábito de andar com coisas no pulso, quer fossem pulseiras, quer fossem relógios. No ano passado decidi que estava na altura de comprar um, afinal de contas sou estudante e preciso de saber o quão atrasada para as aulas já estou. Demorei muito tempo a habituar-me àquele peso no meu pulso, mas uma vez habituada, não podia andar sem ele e agora estou cada vez mais atenta aos relógios que por aí vejo. Estes são os meus favoritos, que cores fantásticas todos eles têm!

Lifestyle // Beach & Pasta

In these hot days I just want to enjoy the outdoors. The handsome guy in the first photo is my boyfriend. On the hottest day of the year (so far), I couldn't help going to the beach. Took my first swim at the seaside!
Aproveitei estes dias quentes para passear. O sujeito bem-parecido na foto é o meu namorado.  No dia mais quente do ano até agora, não pude deixar de ir à praia. Dei o meu primeiro mergulho do ano no mar!
When temperatures are high enough, I usually wear quite simple clothes: top and shorts. For this reason, I try to add some accessories to embellish my outfit. This weak, used heart-shaped earrings that were long forgotten in a box and my black & white lace for the first time.
Em dias em que as temperaturas são altas, as peças que uso costumam ser bastante simples: um top e uns calções. Por essa razão, tento adicionar alguns acessórios para enriquecer o conjunto. Usei uns brincos em forma de coração que estavam esquecidos numa caixinha e estreei o meu laço preto &a…

Fashion // Cut out shoes

Too open for the Winter cold, too closed for the Summer heat. But for Spring and Autumn they are just perfect! Would you wear them?
São abertos demais para o frio do Inverno, são fechados demais para o calor do Verão. Mas para a Primavera e Outono são perfeitos! Usariam?

Vintage white shorts

I waited a long time to wear these shorts. Always preferred darker tones, but now I've been using more and more white. With this kind of temperature feels really appropriate, 'cause it's fresher. May just be psychological, but it works!
Muito tempo esperei eu para poder usar estes calções. Eu pendo naturalmente para os tons mais escuros, mas agora tenho usado branco cada vez mais. Com este calor sabe bem, sinto-me mais fresca. O efeito pode ser psicológico, mas resulta!

DETAILS - Red Bow & Pearls

When I was younger, I wore different earrings everyday. Now it's the opposite, taking off my pearls is a rare thing. They became part of my image, they're classy, feminine and look good with almost anything. I still have two small silver ring earrings from my days as a teenager, still have them 'cause it's impossible to take them out! They were placed with a pair of pliers and it's really tough to open them, so small they are. But I've got used to them and don't bother me anymore. What about you, always wear the same pair of earrings or do you change it every day?
Quando era mais nova, todos os dias usava brincos diferentes. Agora é ao contrário, raramente tiro as minhas pérolas para usar outros. Tornaram-se parte da minha imagem, são um clássico e dão um ar feminino e ficam praticamente bem com tudo.  Ainda tenho duas argolas pequenas de prata dos meus tempos de adolescente, se elas ainda não saíram dali é mesmo porque não as consigo tirar! Foram colocadas c…

Diy // Fringes necklace

Fringes are definitely a trend right now, in bags, clothing and accessories too. When I saw this piece (forgive me but don't know it's name in particular!) the idea to make a necklace out of it instantly crossed my mind. Bought a silver chain and joined the two pieces, took about a minute and it was super cheap, I spent a total of 1.50 euros.
As franjas estão-se a usar bastante actualmente, tanto em malas, como roupa e acessórios. Quando vi esta peça (peço desculpa mas não sei o nome dela em específico!) à venda lembrei-me logo de fazer um colar com ela. Comprei a corrente prateada e juntei as peças, demorou cerca de um minuto e ficou super barato, no total gastei 1,50 euros.

Details in... White.


Oh, so lovely! - Vintage bikes

These vintage bikes are so beautiful. The problem is that they're not easiest thing to ride, at all. I have one, it was restored for me, it's bright red and I love looking at it. Problem is, this is only a platonic love. It is almost impossible to ride it properly around the city.
Estas bicicletas vintage têm um aspecto lindo. O problema é que não são nada ergonómicas, na prática. Eu tenho uma, está restaurada, é vermelha e brilhante e adoro olhar para ela. O problema é que não passa disso, de um amor platónico. É impossível andar com ela na cidade.

Vintage shirt & Floral shorts

Shirt - Vintage | Shorts - Pull&Bear | Hat - Primark | Bag - Blanco | Shoes - Local store
This shirt was made by my mother ages ago, back when she was young. She used to make her own clothes and I'm pretty much disappointed that those pieces were lost in time, 'cause I would love to wear them now. 
Was a sunny day so went for a walk. Felt so good, to wear shorts and finally leave the jacket behind. Also, wore my new hat. It's a bit large for my tiny head, damn it.
Esta camisola foi feita pela minha mãe quando ela era nova. Ela fazia muita da sua roupa e tenho pena que poucas peças tenham chegado até hoje, pois eu tinha muito gosto em usá-las. Aproveitei estes dias de sol para passear, que bem que soube vestir uns calções e deixar o casaco em casa! Estreei também o chapéu que tinha comprado meses antes e vi que ele me fica um bocado largo, tive de andar sempre a puxá-lo para baixo...

Fashion // Loafers & Moccasins

I love heels, but the truth is I can hardly walk with them, so  I've to find some other options that are still fashionable.  An option that is really enjoyable are loafers and moccasins. They look very distinctive: although they're not obviously feminine as ballerinas, they're casual and elegant. I'm a fan of the classic brown, but I'm enjoying seeing these new models with vibrant colors, want them all!
Eu adoro saltos altos, mas a verdade é que mal consigo andar neles, é muito raro encontrar uns sapatos com salto que eu considere confortáveis. O que é uma chatice, dada a minha escassa altura. Portanto, o meu calçado por excelência é raso. Dentro da área do calçado confortável para o dia-a-dia, uma opção que me agrada muito são os loafers e os mocassins. Têm um ar muito distintivo, não são assumidamente femininos como as sabrinas, mas são casuais e elegantes.  Embora seja fã dos habituais castanhos, tão clássicos, estou a gostar de ver estes novos modelos com cores v…