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Yummy! // Pancake For One

When making desserts or snacks, usually the problem are the quantities - the recipes I see online generally can feed a whole family when I just want to eat it myself. To prevent this, I'm giving you the portions for a single pancake, which is a great breakfast or snack. Not the traditional fluffy and fatty pancake ('cause I'm not very fond of pancakes), is more of a mix between pancakes and crepes, but it works very well. In addition, it's incredibly fast to make with zero difficulty (similar to my microwave brownies).
Pancake for one Ingredients: 1 egg 1 tbs wholemeal flour 1 tbs sugar 1 tbs cocoa 2 tbs milk 1 tsp flax flour (optional)
Mix the egg and then add the remaining ingredients and stir well. Grease a pan with some oil and then pour the dough and let it solidify until you can flip the pancake to cook on the other side. When ready, place it on a plate and garnish with jam, seeds, honey... Ate mine with strawberry jam, chia seeds and sesame seeds.

O problema quando se co…

Must-see Blogs // What Olivia Did...

What Olivia Did is a delight for the eyes: the blog has a beautiful layout, good and appealing writing, quality photos and is well organized, everything invites you to read it for hours.  Lady-like dresses, a mod vibe, stylish hair, charming poses. Basically want to have in my closet 80% of the items that Olivia wears, such a great taste!
What Olivia Did é uma delícia para os olhos: o blog tem um layout bonito, escrita cuidada e apelativa, fotos com qualidade e está bem organizado, tudo convida à leitura.  Vestidos muito lady-like, apanhados de cabelo elegantes, poses encantadoras. Basicamente desejava ter no meu armário 80% das peças que a Olivia usa, tanto bom gosto!

Beauty // Serum 7 coffret

Boots Laboratories is a trustworthy brand. Good communication, effective products with durable and appealing packaging. And although I hadn't experiment a large number of Boots products, those I tried I liked it. This is the second time I acquired this Serum7 coffret. It brings an eye cream, a day cream (this is suitable for dry skin), two serum samples and a quite good-looking mirror. These are anti-wrinkle products for young women who want to prevent the appearance of first wrinkles and reduce thin lines. Only good things to point out: the serum has a nice texture and leaves the skin very silky and the day cream is moisturizing but not oily and its absorption is rapid. About long-term results, I can not say, but my skin is still looking the same so it is a good sign. For women with more mature skin, there is also the Serum7 Lift coffret, for deeper wrinkles.
A Boots Laboratories é uma marca na qual confio. Boa comunicação, produtos eficazes com embalagens resistentes e apelativa…

Fashion // Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Once in a while I find an amazing website where I spend several hours because basically love 80% of the things I find there. That happened to me with Lovely Shoes, an online shop which has a great offer on shoe models at very attractive prices. Personally, can't stop browsing boots - this weather allows me to wear them so I must enjoy it while I can. Besides shoes, we can also find clothing, bags, accessories, costumes... a lot of stuff at great prices! Have quite a wishlist, must say.

De vez em quando encontram-se sites nos quais passamos horas e horas porque basicamente gostamos de 80% das coisas que lá encontramos. Isso aconteceu-me com o Lovely Shoes, que tem uma oferta super variada dos mais diversos modelos de sapatos a preços muito convidativos. O meu olho vai mais para as botas - há que usá-las enquanto o tempo o permite. Rasas ou com salto, tenho já umas quantas na minha wishlist. Além disso também podemos encontrar roupa e acessórios no site, também a bons preços.

My pet says yummy! // Pet Secret Box

This time I want to present to you not something for you but for your pets. It's name is Pet Secret and it's a surprise box full of goodies for your dogs and/or cats. It has a selection of good products specially chosen for our animal, taking into consideration their size and age. Can be food, snacks, toiletries or toys and we can choose a box for a dog or a cat. The purpose is to introduce new brands and products to our animal.
Desta vez venho dar a conhecer algo não destinado a nós mas aos nossos animais de estimação. Vindo diretamente do nosso país vizinho, chegou uma caixa Pet Secret recheada de coisas boas para a minha cadela experimentar. E o que é a Pet Secret? É uma caixinha surpresa, com uma selecção de bons produtos escolhidos especialmente para o nosso animal, tendo em conta o seu tamanho e idade. Pode ser ração seca, húmida, snacks, artigos de higiene ou brinquedos e podemos escolher uma caixa para cão ou para gato. A finalidade é o nosso animal poder provar novas …

Details // Lovely Handmade Jewelry

Ring, Earrings & Necklace - c/o La Caja Oxidada
There's a lot of talented people out there and one of them is Enid Rebeca, designer of La Caja Oxidada - The Rusty Box jewelry. Apart from being a super kind girl, she has great sensibility and makes super cute illustrations, which then turns into pretty necklaces and rings. As the crazy cat lady I am, immediately felt in love with this lovely cat ring. The necklace also has a cat on the back (dumb me, forgot to photograph it - but you can see here on my instagram). The earrings are perfect for Valentines Day! Items apart, never received such a well packed parcel, wrapped in beautiful paper all hearts all over it. Lovely!

Anda muita gente talentosa por aí e uma delas é a Enid Rebeca, criadora das peças da marca de bijuteria La Caja Oxidada - The Rusty Box. Para além da rapariga ser uma simpatia, tem uma grande sensibilidade e muito jeito para fazer ilustrações super fofinhas, que depois transforma em colares e anéis. Como amante d…

Outfit // Sexy Dress and Sexy Shoes

Dress - c/o Lookbook Store | Shoes - c/o LolitaSecret | Bracelet - c/o Bellast | Earrings - C&A | Ring - c/o Eclectic Eccentricity
If there's something a woman truly loves is shoes. So good to see some brand new shoes on my closet waiting to be worn. These cuties are from LolitaSecret, model Seville. The color is fantastic, a strong blue that really stands out. They're super high but the wide heel and the platform makes walking easier and more comfortable. The T strips also help. In short, love them, they make me taller and with better legs! With some flashy shoes, nothing better than a black dress. Would wear a tight one for going out at night, but for day light this amazing dress from Lookbook Store is just perfect. The lace details are fantastic, very well crafted. It's necessary to wear a crop top under 'cause the chest area is transparent - is this transparency that makes this dress so cute. With such strong items, it isn't necessary to wear many accessories:…

Beauty // The Best 2013 Beauty Products

1 - Akileine Foot Cream | 2 - Beauty UK Lipsticks | 3 - Bioderma Makeup Remover | 4 - Bioderma Hair Mask 5 - Boots Laboratories Sun Spray | 6 - Springfield Nail Polish | 7 - Missha Pore Primer | 8 - Ecco Bella Lipstick 9 - Lush Body Scrub | 10 - Boots Laboratories Day Cream | 11 - Dermacélsia Purple Nail Polish | 12 - Skin Food Hair Mask
Here they are, my favorite beauty products of last year. Felt in love with a Dermacélsia purple nail polish but also for a Springfield bubblegum nail polish, both with great quality and low price; met the amazing Skin Food hair mask that transforms my hair in something beautiful and super smooth; got addicted to the awesome menthol scent in Beauty UK lipsticks; got to know the super effective Bioderma Makeup Remover, the only who doesn't make my eyes burn. All great products I strongly recommend. 
Aqui estão os produtos de beleza que conheci no ano passado e adorei. Apaixonei-me pelo verniz roxo da Dermacélsia e pelo rosa pastilha elástica da Spri…

Outfit // My 2013 Favorite Items

Elegant Black Dress from Ark | Basic Black Coat from Choies | Beige Dress from Lovestruck | Party Dress from Jones&Jones | Floral Dress from Rire Lace Dress from Sheinside | Faux Leather Jacket from Sheinside | Orange Scarf from Lion of Porches | Striped Sweater from Chicnova | Parka from Primark | Tartan Shirt from Choies | Preppy Skirt from Chicnova
After the best recipes, best moments and accessories, it's time to show you my favorite clothes from last year. Wear these a lot and still liked them all. My favorites are the orange scarf that gives a pop of color to my monochromatic outfits, the trendy tartan shirt  (love this tartan trend) and the faux leather jacket that is a must-have item in any closet. Tomorrow I'll post about my favorite 2013 beauty products and it will be my last post about last year.
Depois das receitas, dos momentos e dos acessórios é a vez de vos mostrar as minhas melhores peças de roupa adquiridas ao longo do ano. Uso-as muitas, muitas vezes e aind…

Details // Best 2013 Accessories

1 - Black Flower Crown | 2 - Shiny Blue Bracelet | 3 - Jelly Sandals | 4 - Black Bag 5 - PVC Rhinestone Bracelet | 6 - Vintage Shoes | 7 - PVC Rhinestone Necklace | 8 - Golden Minimalist Rings 9 - Fringed Shoes | 10 - Quartz Ring | 11 - Platform Snickers | 12 - Leather Sparkly Bracelet
Some of the beautiful items I received in 2013. Sadly I lost the glitter and leather bracelet but I still hope to find it somewhere at home... Met three of my favorite accessories brands: GOcheapLOOKchic, Eclectic Eccentricity and Galisfly.
Algumas das coisas bonitas que recebi em 2013. A pulseira de glitter e cabedal deixa muita pena, adorava-a e perdi-a, ainda tenho a esperança de a encontrar num sítio improvável qualquer lá em casa... Conheci três marcas de acessórios que são agora das minhas favoritas: a portuguesa GOcheapLOOKchic, Eclectic Eccentricity e a Galisfly.

Lifestyle // The Best 2013 Moments

Expocosmética Loves Bloggers | Bloggers Picnic | Color Run | Short-Film

Ted X Aveiro | Medieval Fairs | Camping | Morocco Trip

Healthy Meals Workshop | 1st Gym Day | Christmas Bloggers Party | Dream Land

After the 12 best 2013 recipes, it's time to show you the best last year moments. Truly loved the Color Run, it was a fantastic event, the short-film I made with my best friends, the medieval fair in Santa Maria da Feira where I work as an actress and my trip to Morocco
Depois das 12 melhores receitas de 2013, faço agora um apanhado dos melhores momentos do ano passado, sejam eles eventos de bloggers, férias ou passeios. Destaque para a Color Run, que foi uma corrida fantástica, para a curta-metragem que realizei com as minhas melhores amigas, a Viagem Medieval em Santa Maria da Feira onde trabalhei como figurante e para a viagem a Marrocos na qual conheci uma cultura fascinante.

Yummy! // The Best 2013 Recipes

Rich Tea Biscuit Cake | Lemon Pie | Carob Cake | White Brigadeiros

Microwave Brownies | Milk Chocolate Brownies | Chocolate Croissants | Oatmeal with Crumble

Bread Pizza | Meatballs with Tomato Sauce | Chickpea Burger | Homemade Pizza

These were the recipes I shared with you last year, lots of desserts! My favorite is the microwave brownies recipe, it's so easy, fast and delicious. I think I'm going to make one right now...
Estas foram as receitas experimentadas no ano passado, onde as sobremesas claramente dominaram a mesa. Destaco osbrownies de microondas como a minha receita favorita e também a mais fácil e rápida de fazer. Aliás, acho que vou até ali fazer o primeiro brownie deste ano...