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Lifestyle // About those trendy healthy habits

I think we all agree that being healthy is trendy right now. Instagram and Facebook feeds are filled with detox juices, all kinds of seeds, fruits and vegetables, leggings, sneakers and fit bodies. Ideas to improve our lifestyle and words of encouragement to run and eat clean are everywhere. And this is a good trend, because everyone should take care of themselves. But everything with moderation! Forget dangerous diets and gym only in summer and start acquiring and improving healthy habits gradually, without denying yourself a nice chocolate or a lazy morning laying on your bed. Veggies and fruit are the best for your body, but I don't wanna live in a world without ice cream and candy - and it's ok to eat them occasionally (and we should remind ourselves we are omnivores, not herbivores). A bit of exercice does wonders, but you don't have to be a fitness guru. As everything, moderation is the key. With all this in mind, decided to start sharing with you some habits I adopted…

Outfit // Stripes and Flowers Make Me Happy

Dress & Belt - c/o Chicnova | Shoes - Primark | Necklace - Ebay | Rings - Parfois & Ebay
Last Sunday was a beautiful sunny day so I decided to go for a walk with my lovely bike. My mother gave some pretty flowers to embellish the basket and I spent some quality time outdoors. Probably you think a dress is a strange choice to ride a bicycle, but for me there's no better option: pants are too hot and I've a certain aversion to shorts - plus, nothing more beautiful than a dress fluttering in the wind (as long it doesn't reveals your underwear of course!). This cutie is from Chicnova and was already on my wishlist for quite a long time (it appeared on my Spring Wishlist post last year!). Finally ordered it and was quite pleased with it, the fabric is very light and that's great for summertime. Also, it came with an unexpected belt, bonus points. However, there's a thing that doesn't correspond exactly to the dress image shown on the site: the sleeves are sho…

Lifestyle // Pretty keyboard stickers

Today I present you my beloved one: my working tool, my main source of entertainment and a wonderful product design. It's a beautiful laptop but it's prettier now, thanks to Kidecals and its keycals (keyboard stickers). The application is quite easy and doesn't take long. You just press the sticker gently against the key and this adheres easily. The print quality is quite good, the stickers don't slip and have a silky touch. They leave no residue and can be easily removed without surface damage (already tested it and confirm!) Important information: the keyboard has some symbols out of place, that's because the American and European keyboard symbols are arranged differently (see the differences in this picture). Didn't pay attention to this when I ordered it, but the problem was easily solved - with a scissor I adjusted the Enter key sticker and the other symbols out of place do not bother me 'cause I don't need to look at the keys when I'm writing. A…

Beauty // Sweet Easter!

Easter isn't all about the sweets. Lush presents us with a collection dedicated to Easter with amazing fragrances and beautiful products.
1. Fluffy Eggballistic - A pink egg with a sweet fragrance. It costs 4.95 euros.
2. Immaculate Eggceptionballistic- A giant egg with a bunny or chick ballistic hidden in the center. It costs 10.95 euros.
3. Bunnybubble bath - A white rabbit full of rich oils and butters to leave the skin super smooth. It's limited edition and costs 5.95 euros.
4. Golden Egg ballistic - Soft on the outside and tough on the inside, with caramel and honey fragrance. It costs 5.50 euros.
5. Brightsidebubble bath - Bath full of sunny citrus oils, water in a vibrant shade of orange. Costs 6.95.
6. Carrot Soap - Looks like a carrot, smells like a refreshing tropical juice. It's limited edition and costs 5.95/kg.
7. Bunch of Carrots bubble bath - Reusable bubble bath with tropical fragrance, with the value of 8.95 euros.
These would make a perfect Easter gift, better th…

Lifestyle // (the end of) 100 Happy Days Project

84 - New sexy sandals, love them! | 85 - A bed, a book and a cup of tea makes a perfect night | 86 - Eating gummies at work | 87 - Mister Cat being cute
 88 - Went shopping and purchased lovely items from IKEA and Casa |  89 - Perfect afternoon snack | 90 - Feira de Março, I do love fairs and fun | 91 - Homemade granola
 92 - Game of Thrones returned! | 93 - My laptop is all clean and improved, yay | 94 - Saw Nymphomaniac part II and loved it | 95 - Who knew I would like veggies so much
96 - Coffee time with a great view | 97 - Our Sunday walk, she loves it | 98 - My new summer necklace from Ebay arrived! | 99 - A delicious night, caramel ice cream and series
100 - A lovely offered flower that's still alive
Reached the end of the 100 Happy Days project and looking at all these pictures makes me very optimistic. During these one hundred days had obviously less good days but this project made ​​me see that even on a bad day something good always happens. And there were so many grea…

Outfit // Lovely Lace

Dress - c/o Sensation of Night | Shoes - c/o Lovely Shoes | Earrings - La Caja Oxidada
How nice to wear sandals without socks! These beauties are from Lovely Shoes and were a really nice surprise - they make me super tall, but they're incredibly comfortable. Already worn the sandals seven hours straight standing up and my feet didn't complain nor were sore. Bonus points! They're beautiful, versatile, comfortable and cheap - only good things.  The dress is from Sensation of Night, a new online store I discovered (awesome and sexy lingerie there, I'm telling you!). It's a lace dress in a strong purple shade and has a beautiful back. I've small breasts so I like clothes that allow me to not wear a bra and this dress allows it perfectly. Did I mention that the back is beautiful?  
Que boa que é a sensação de deixar as meias de lado e usar sandálias! Estas belezas são da Lovely Shoes e foram uma agradável surpresa - são altíssimas, mas muito confortáveis. Já andei 7 h…

Beauty // Konjac Sponge and Micellar Water

When it comes to skin cleansing, I'm a big fan of micellar waters. Until now had tried brands like Bioderma, Bourjois and L'Oreal, so I can compare this micellar water Nuxe to my previous experience. It's suitable for sensitive skin and its peculiarity is to have rose petals in it. Fulfills the function of cleansing the skin perfectly and leaves it smooth and with a pleasant feeling. Truly recommend, one of the best I ever tried out!
No que toca à limpeza da pele, sou uma grande adepta das águas micelares. Até agora tinha experimentado das marcas Bioderma, Bourjois e L'Oreal, pelo que já tenho algumas com as quais comparar esta água micelar da Nuxe. É apropriada para peles sensíveis e a sua peculiaridade é ter pétalas de rosas na sua constituição. Cumpre a função da limpeza da pele na perfeição e deixa-a suave e com uma sensação agradável. É das melhores dentro das que experimentei, recomendo! 
The Konji sponge was a new thing. It's 100% natural and suitable for all…

My pet says yummy! // February Pet Secret Box

Another Pet Secret Box received. In February these were the products received (yes, I'm always a month late): a giant bone, another one for dental hygiene, a bag of dry food and a can of food. 
Mais uma caixa Pet Secret recebida. Estes foram os mimos que a minha cadela recebeu em Fevereiro (sim, eu ando sempre com um mês de atraso): um osso gigante que deu entretenimento para algumas horas, um osso destinado à higiene dental, um saco de ração seca bem saudável e uma latinha de ração húmida. 
And because the food is not everything, also received little bags with a cute bone to keep them and an adorable teddy that unfortunately has been destroyed already (my pet loved it that much).
E porque a comida não é tudo, também recebeu sacos para levar nos passeios e um osso bem giro para os pendurar na coleira e também um peluche super cute que, infelizmente, já foi destruído (durante a sua breve vida a minha cadela gostou muito dele). 

Outfit // Birds everywhere

Dress - c/o LovelyShoes | Boots - Springfield | Bag & Belt - Primark | Bracelet - c/o Freena | Watch - Parfois | Earrings - Casa da Bijutaria
There's three super adorable things about this spring dress from Lovely Shoes: the delicate lace in the neck area, the peter pan collar and the print that couldn't be more spring-like - flowers and birds! Suitable for all ages and a good choice for both work and walking around.  Love dresses matched with boots, so I truly enjoy this weather that allows me to do such combination: it's warm enough to not wear tights, but not too much heat to make it uncomfortable to wear boots. These from Springfield have been my favorite pair, super comfortable and were a real bargain, 10 euros. I do not really cherish my shoes so I do not seem to last until next winter, which is a shame. Oh well... have to buy another pair later.  The bracelet is the perfect complement, a precious handmade item in faux leather and crochet. It's super cute and ro…

Yummy! // Homemade granola

Stopped eating processed cereals a long time ago, due to the high sugar and salt levels. Do not miss them, specially when I have much more healthy and tastier alternatives, completely personalized, I can do at home. I'm speaking of granola, it's super easy to make and is great for breakfast. The recipe is quite flexible, I see what I have in the closet, mix a lot of things and wish for the best. There are a whole variety of foods that can be used, like chocolate chips, nuts, seeds... The amounts are also flexible.

Homemade Granola

2 cups oats
2 cups rye flakes
1 cup wheat bran
1 cup coconut
2 tbs brown sugar
3 tbs flax seeds
2 tbs sunflower seeds
1 tbs goji seeds
2 tbs sesame seeds
1 cup almond 
cinnamon (to taste)
honey (to taste)
sunflower oil (to taste)

Mix all the dry ingredients (the quantities are flexible, you don't have to follow them exactly!). Add a dash of honey and a dash of sunflower oil to bind it all. A larger amount of honey and oil will give larger and tastier…

6 on 6 Project April - Spring!

Here it is, the first month of 6 on 6, a new project between six photography lovers bloggers (you can see a detailed post about it here). The chosen theme for April was Spring. For me, Spring is all about pretty flowers, lots of rain and sandals. Due to the bad weather and my lack of free time I couldn't photograph as many as I wanted, so my photographed objects are quite similar. But the truth is, I really love these flowers.
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Eis que arranca o novo projecto que reúne seis bloggers com gosto pela fotografia, o 6 on 6 (está tudo muito bem explicadinho aqui neste post da Ana), este mês com o tema Primavera. Para mim Primavera são flores, são dias de chuva, são sandálias (nos intervalos da chuva).
A meteorologia e a escassez de tempo para fotografar não ajudou, por isso os objetos fotografados não variaram muito, é certo. Mas a verdade é que eu acho estas flores muito, m…

Outfit // Wearing Pink

Sweater - c/o 6KS | Pants - Zara 
Me and pink have a complicated relationship: it's a love-hate thing, sometimes love it sometimes can't stand it. Currently I'm loving it! Specially the old shades and pastel pinks. This sweater from 6KS has a super lovely and feminine pink shade and adorable details. It has bat-wings and a loose fit. Apart from being a pretty item, it's also a very comfortable one, so it's a perfect sweater for a lazy Saturday afternoon. 
Eu e a cor rosa temos uma relação complicada: tanto adoro a cor como a abomino. Agora ando em período de adoração, pelos tons de rosa velhos, pastéis e mais delicados. Esta camisola da 6KS, para além do rosa suave também tem uns detalhes adoráveis no decote, tanto na frente como nas costas. Aliada às mangas em balão torna-a numa peça bonita e confortável, perfeita para uma tarde preguiçosa de Sábado.

Lifestyle // 100 Happy Days Project (III)

54 - The hangover cure has a name: Burger King | 55 - Oscars night! Free movie and free popcorn at the cinema | 56 - Partying with friends. Gotta love Carnaval | 57 - My bed is so comfy | 58 - My pets watching me eat 
59 - Such a sunny day! | 60 - A new lovely coffee set | 61 - Free lipstick on Woman's Day | 62 - Yummy churros | 63 - Love strawberries
 64 - Midnight snack | 65 - Eating popcorns at work | 66 - Perfect night: a bed, a book, a greek yogurt and chocolate | 67 - Friend's birthday dinner | 68 - Another friend's dinner
69 - Made my favorite cake | 70 - Love playing darts and love winning to the guys! |  71 - Late exotic meal, garlic pita bread | 72 - Starting to enjoy gym | 73 - Friend's dinner and the perfect francesinha
 74 - Great friday night dancing and drinking | 75 - The trees are getting prettier | 76 - Sunday is the perfect day to bake some cakes | 77 - Cuddling | 78 - Giant hot dog 
79 - Spring is here | 80 - Getting some rest | 81 - A little shop…