Beauty // Say hello to my curls!

Let me introduce you the Irresistible Me Ruby Auto-Rotating Curling Iron, an irresistible product indeed.

Irresistible Me is an american brand that sells 100% human hair extensions, wigs, hair accessories and tools. They kindly offered me extensions to try out but I have long hair so I didn’t accept the offer. Instead, they gave me the opportunity to try this innovative curling iron!

Let’s just get one thing straight: I never used a curling iron before, total newbie. So this review is based on how easy it is for a newbie to use this curling iron, the results that can be produced and if it’s worth it. 

So, the curling iron arrived beautifully packed in a fancy black box, along with an instructional booklet. I needed some time to figure it out how to use the curling iron and some extra time to master it (this was my first attempt on curling my hair).

The features:

The curling iron is very light weighted and feels extremely durable and high quality. It has a 26mm wide barrel with a small clamp, that rotates so you don’t have to. 
It comes with 5 different temperature settings and the LED screen shows you the temperature you are at. You can set it down on the table without the barrel touching the surface, so no burnt furniture over here. 

More nice features:
  • Ceramic barrel with diamond coating: The diamond coating, according to the brand, enhances its durability and heat transfer, unlike conventional ceramic irons. 
  • Auto-rotating curling iron: Nice feature for newbies (like me). It saves you time and effort. 
  • Light weight: It’s not heavy, so my arms don’t get tired when using it. This is super important when you have endless quantities of hair to curl (ohh, the perks of having a long hair!). 
  • Fast heat up: The curler takes less than a minute to heat up, which is nice for those busy mornings when you want to hurry up. 
  • Auto shut-off: I love the safety of the auto shut-off function, don’t have to leave my house wondering if I unplugged the iron or not. 

Beware one thing: the iron has universal voltage but the plug is suitable for US only, you’ll need to use a converter plug if you're in Europe (not really an issue, it’s a cheap and effective fix).

How to use

- Hold the On-Off button for 2 seconds and then choose the temperature you want. Wait 1-2 minutes.

- When the LED screen stops blinking, clip a section of your hair and press either Left or Right button, depending how you want the curl to go (ideally away from your face and alternating). The iron automatically rotates.

- Hold the curl for about 6-10 seconds, push the clamp to release and hit the Reset button (it will return the wand to it's default position). The time you keep the hair around the iron will determine how tight the curls will be - less seconds equals loose curls, more seconds equals tight curls.

- Keep repeating this process, alternating between left and right direction for a more natural look.

The results

So, on the right pictures you can see how my hair looked after using the Irresistible Me Ruby Auto-Curling Iron. My hair looks less frizzy, with more volume and with cute bouncy curls. I was afraid it wouldn’t work on my long hair, but it does works! I love how it looks even better after a few hours, with more loose and natural curls.

Found out I have to curl my hair using the highest heat setting. The lower temperatures didn’t worked for me: my hair is too long and heavy, so it doesn’t hold a curl that well, it needs an high temperature for the curls to actually sustain.
But I was able to create both loose and tight curls, depending on how tight I rotated the wand and how long I held the curl. Now, I usually count to 10 when curling my hair to make the curls last longer.


This is a great tool to use in those days when your hair looks boring, with no volume and… meh. I love loose curls, specially around my face! It’s the best summer look.
It’s totally safe to use, doesn’t burn the hair nor the scalp. It takes a little time and effort (sometimes I wish I had shorter hair), but the results are worth it.

In case you’re interested, you can purchase this Auto Rotating Curling Iron via the Irresistible Me website. It’s currently on  $119 but watch for promotions. Yes, it isn't a very cheap curling iron, but that’s because it's an high quality product - plus, the auto-rotating feature is worth the money.

If you’re based on USA, 100% recommend it, go for it! If you live in Europe, it's still a good buy, but be aware that customs can tax it.


  1. Wow, fica super super super bonito :) um beijinho Daniela

  2. Perfect hair. Great blog you have, stay inspired!


    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  3. ficou bem bonito, o resultado final!!

  4. Adoro ver-te com os caracóis mais definidos... Fica-te muito bem! ♥

  5. nice curls, girl!!! xD


  6. Obrigada pelo teu comentário.
    Amei o teu cabelo, está enorme e lindo!

    Muitos beijinhos
    Blog | Youtube | Facebook

  7. Ficaram lindos os caracóis! Já tinha visto essa invenção maravilhosa algures, mas confesso que com este teu post fiquei tentada a comprá-la. :D

    Joan of July

  8. adorooo, cabelao lindo mesmo :D

  9. Parece-me ser um bom produto pois o resultado final ficou super giro :)

  10. Parece-me ser um bom produto pois o resultado final ficou super giro :)

  11. Adorei o resultado o teu cabelo ficou lindíssimo :)

  12. Que linda mds!

  13. Que cabelo lindissimo e fica te tao bem 😍 beijo

  14. Ficas tão gira!

    Beijinhos ♥
    Mónica Rodrigues dos Santos

  15. Adorava experimentar ! Ficou um resultado super bonito!
    with love, KATE ❤

  16. Aww muito obrigada Daniela!
    Wow, que resultado fantástico :)

  17. Parece ser muito fixe. :)

  18. Amei o resultado!! Inspirou me imenso! Bom blog, Portugal necessita de mais plataformas como esta para evoluir :) Beijinhos!!

  19. Uauuu que gira
    Adorei o resultado

    >> <<

  20. Desde que me queimaram a testa com uma coisa dessas nunca tive interesse em comprar... mas o resulta está top

  21. Wonderful hair ! You are very pretty :)

  22. Que lindo que ficou o teu cabelo!


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